Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sign of the Times

So what does this tell you? Probably a lot of things :>) but the most apparent could be that our house listing is “going live” on Friday!

Poor Miss Sophie. She isn’t normally a very social cat unless you happen to be in the house for an entire evening or as an overnight guest at which point she might make a brief appearance depending on the sound of your voice or whether you are a repeat visitor. Otherwise, the master bedroom closet is her “safe room”. That closet has a pocket door which we always leave slightly open so she can escape at a moment’s notice! She even likes to spend time in there when there aren’t visitors. In the summer it’s cool and out of the sunlight, and in the winter, under Mr. Squash’s shirts it’s cozy and warm. Or when she’s in a playful mood she likes to play hide and seek in there!

So yesterday I made the sign to warn potential buyers to not lock her in there for the day! Have you ever had a cat jump into a closet unbeknownst to you and reside there until you got home from work and wondered why the cat didn’t show up for dinner? I have! Years ago my cat jumped into a linen closet shelf while I was making the bed one morning. I came home from work and couldn’t find him anywhere. Finally I heard a faint mewing sound coming from the closet - opened the door - out jumped the cat followed by a very strong odor!! Now that took a few days to clean up, not to mention the trauma to the cat!

So my only real fear in this whole process is the well-being of Miss Sophie!! Care to share any tales of your cats spending the day locked up?


Libby said...

One Christmas eve our cat let curiosity get the better of her when she went to explore the hallway coat closet. You see, Santa Claus opened that door as an extra line of defense against a little girl who was supposed to be sleeping. The elves were extra busy that year and Santa had to build the shiny new two wheeler with training wheels right in our living room. Because every one was on edge to make sure The Princess did not stir, no one noticed the kitty go into that closet before the door was shut again.
With the excitement of Christmas morning, many hours passed before anyone even wondered where kitty might be. We called and called. She never made a peep.
When night had come again and everyone was relaxing by the light of tree, there was just a little rustle. Finally we spied a tiny little paw shooting out from underneath the doorway signaling for us to PLEASE come let her out. Curiosity may not have killed the cat, but it sure did keep her in a dark closet for a long, long time *s*

Like Minds said...

Our cat sitters did that to us once too, ouch! I've also had an indoor/outdoor kitty take a ride with the couple that were looking to purchase our house. Fortunately they gave her back to their realtor and I was able to go pick her up later that day.
Good luck with the sale!

sewtakeahike said...

Hi Candace, it looks like you have Sophie covered! Just a couple days ago I heard a lot of noise in the front room and when I went to check it out, everything seemed normal. I kept hearing Fozzy meowing though so I looked for him and he was in the coat closet by the front door. I don't know how he got in and then shut the door behind him, but I don't think he'll do it again. He wasn't happy at all!

Kaaren said...

Our Siamese cat Sydney had an absolute aversion to closed doors. No sooner did you open a door and he was in it. We learned our lesson many times but did he? No way! I think the linen closet was his favorite because he could just cuddle up in all the soft towels. Lucky for us, he could "hold it" for a long time as he never had an accident. After a time, HE trained US to do a head count before leaving the house and that's what we did. Sydney is now in cat heaven but us great joy for the almost 16 years he was with us.

Carrie P. said...

Poor Kitty.

Mel said...

Poor kitty! Exciting for you though! Hope all goes well and a sale happens soon!

Cindy said...

Have to take care of our pets - they're family.

*karendianne. said...

I love that sign. How cute. My story of Kanga hiding is basically the same as yours. Not worth telling after reading yours and Miss Sophie who is one of the sweetest cats on the entire planet we're certain of it!

Karen said...

I can relate to finding kitties stuck in closest. With my three helpers, that happens quite a lot, but luckily we have not had any serious damage, or odors, because of it. It's usually one of my little helpers that hears them first, anyway. I love the paw shooting out from under the door, though. It's like shyster in an old black and white movie trying to lure you into the alley to buy a fake watch. "Hey, you. C'mere..."

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