Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Pause in the Action!

I’ve mentioned to some of you in emails that I’m having to put off any new projects for the time being so we can spend some time getting our house ready to list. I’ve gotten some wonderful offers for swaps and exchanges and it’s breaking my heart to turn them down, but hopefully in another few weeks, my time will be freed up for new projects! I'm worried our realtor will ask me to put away everything in the studio so it will look nice and neat! Anne over at Cottons 'n Wool had a great idea for me - she suggested I prep a bunch of hand work to do during all of this - great idea Anne - thanks! I'll continue to blog throughout this - you might just see a little less quilting for a while - but you may see some great giveaways as I plow through the cupboards and drawers, so stay tuned!

Also, many of you have already seen Anne Sutton’s free BOM over at Bunny Tales! In case you haven’t seen this - hop on over and take a look! It’s absolutely adorable and so generous of Anne! One of those hand work projects I may do is this in wool along with Anne Bryson! I'll be looking through my wool stash this evening!

And don’t forget to visit Terri over at Purple and Paisley - she is still celebrating her birthday and blogiversary with giveaways all week! And you’ll just love her photo remembrances!

We are waking up to a very soggy state this morning! My heart goes out to all who are experiencing evacuations and flooding this morning! Mother Nature really has it out for us this winter.


Anonymous said...

I was seriously hoping our state would not experience the flooding we had last year. Luckily our home is kind of on a knoll and we do have a bit of a stream flowing down the middle of our pasture, away from the house. Yes Anne's block is adorable and I am thinking I need to build a woolen stash perhaps to use on this little quilt of hers. Louise

Gran said...

I am glad you are not being flooded!!!!!

Thank you for the FYI in your posts. I am going to do the Bunny Tales free bom. It is charming.

Karen said...

Good luck with the house listing. We should all have projects planned and ready to go at a moment's notice, shouldn't we?

Libby said...

Love hand work projects for times when you need fiber therapy but don't have time or space to set up the machine.

Karen said...

I would hate for a realtor to see my sewing room. If and when we decide to move again, I am going to have to pack and move most everything to storage. Good luck. Your plan for the hand piecing and applique should keep you entertained during the time your house is on the market. Hope you have a fast sale.

CJ said...

Oh heck having your house up for sale really crimps the creative streak doesn't it? I'm glad to hear you're not in the floods, I hope the house sells soon so you can move into that dream home!

Carole said...

Another one! It is a nice BOM! Love her work! Of course, I do not need another project! lol I agree with Anne, get some hand work ready. I keep mine in a basket, ready for me when I'm off to where ever! Keep well!

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