Thursday, December 11, 2008

When It Rains It Pours!

This morning as I was preparing to dump my purse, satchel, lunch and running shoes on the passenger seat of my car, I noticed something on the floor that I was positive wasn’t there last night when my husband and I came home from having dinner out. It was the small manual for the car that I kept in the glove box. Before I did anything else, I walked around the car, checked the locks, and made sure the car didn’t have any outward damage. I then opened the glove box and found it nearly empty - the large zippered pouch that held the complete manual and my car registration was gone along with some maps. I opened the center console box and found that two pairs of prescription glasses were missing and also a pair of cheap leather gloves that I had worn the day before and had left on the console. Other than that, the book on CD was still there, the stereo was intact and even the change in the console was still there. All I could think of was that I didn’t press the button on the key hard enough to make the door lock last night.

So I called Mr. Squash at work and told him the sad story and he suggested that I at least report it to the police. It had to have been adolescents and we get a lot of car prowls in our neighborhood. They might as well know about another. After hanging up I had the thought to check one other thing….the valet key that I keep in a small pull-out drawer on the dash. It was gone!

I called the dealer who told me it would be a couple of days to get the parts to re-key the car and it would be safest to just leave it with them until the work was done. The kids that took the valet key might just be bright enough to eventually figure out they can drive the car away at will! After meeting at the dealer and dropping off the car, we drove back toward work in our other car. We drearily discussed the cost of this little folly, when what do we see in our rear-view mirror but dashing red lights, and it was not Santa and his sleigh!

Mr. Squash got ticketed $120 for going 10 miles over the speed limit! Now this is not something he ever does….you might even have the occasional notion that he drives too slow! The motorcycle officer handed over the ticket and asked if we had any questions. Well, Mr. Squash and I both ride BMW motorcycles (we aren’t currently) so he asked about the officer’s BMW! Mr. Squash then said to the officer: “Please forgive me for my wool gathering, but my wife’s car was prowled last night and we were just returning from the car dealer arranging for repairs”! You should have seen that officer’s face! It dropped like a Slinky! I think if he’d known that before he handed out the ticket, he might have had second thoughts!

Tomorrow WILL be a better day. I think this calls for some serious quilting time!


Marla said...

Oh my goodness! What a day you have had! My heart goes out to you and Mr. Squash. $120 seems pretty steep for 10 miles over though. Was he in a school zone or something?

Carrie P. said...

That is just terrible. So sorry. And a ticket to top it all off. That stinks!!!

Anne said...

Not a good day at all. Don't you just feel so violated when something like that happens. It makes me so angry!

Trisha said...

Oh Candace! So sorry about your car. And then to get the ticket on top of that! How disappointing! I hope things get better tomorrow.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

This scenario would be the description for the phrase: "adding insult to injury". I am so very sorry to read of this misfortune X 2. Tomorrow will be a better day, and certainly quilting would be the prescribed medication!

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