Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Quilting Dreams

Lately I have been having dreams about quilt bloggers! You would think my dreams would be filled with actual quilting “segments” or ideas for new quilts. But no….I’m dreaming about you, dear quilt bloggers! My husband commented the other night that we are sometimes so clever in our dreams - much more so than in real life at times! I know I’ve had elaborate, intricate dreams that are terribly clever, but do I remember them for more than a few seconds after I wake up? Of course not! So back to my recent dreaming adventures.

Last night my dream was about Des over at Quilt Taffy! In the dream I had to have a caterer make 400 ham sandwiches for a meeting. The next thing I know I’m at Des’ house where she is in her garage playing Mama Mia at full volume! I asked her where the sandwiches were and she said I hadn’t given her enough time to make them. My dream-self was panicked, so I offered to help her make them, we struck up a deal, and off we went to slap mayo on the bread and pile on the trimmings with Mama Mia still playing full blast in the garage! So Des, how are you at making sandwiches?

The other dream that stands out vividly is with Pam over at PamKittyMorning and Elizabeth at The Late Bloomer! I was making the rounds of garage sales when I found myself in front of Elizabeth’s garage. Turns out she had won the lotto (are you reading this Elizabeth?) and invited everyone in to her garage to see all the clothes she had purchased that were now in her garage - which was now her closet! And she was such a generous friend that she had purchased clothes for her friend, Pam, and made a space for her in the back! Maybe this is a sign for both Elizabeth and Pam to buy lotto tickets this week!

So I’ll leave you today with a few more pictures from our trip to Flower World. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Oh my Candace, how strange that you should mention your dreams about quilt bloggers. Two nights ago I had a dream about Lee who owns Two Thimbles in Bellingham. It is a favorite to all of us up here in the Whatcom county area. Everyone I send there loves it and Lee and Peg..I had never dreamt about quilt shop owners before. Even after 35+ years of quilting. Love those stone garden statues.Your blog is always fun to read. Louise

Des said...

Oh my gosh! Me, Mammia Mia and ham sandwiches....that would be called a nightmare!! I can't stand making sandwiches. I like to have the mayo or butter or jam all the way out to the edges and it just takes too much time. But maybe if MM was blaring in the background. hmmm...could be a new business venture. I'll consider. I wish I would have won the lotto instead. :) Hey? Did I look good in the dream? Was my hair combed? Were my teeth white?

PamKittyMorning said...

I would love a ham sandwich while I ponder this dream. So funny you dream of a closet (even a garage one) full of clothes, becuase this was often my dream as a kid and even later as an adult. finding plus sized clothing when I was young was hard, so I often dreamed of getting up in the morning and finding all kinds of clothing to choose from. I'd open the doors and feel so surprised at my choices and then wake up to the dissapointment in my same old selections. Its no surprise that Elizabeth was generous. I know she'd love to have a garage closet full of clothes. Ok, off to the liquor store for lotto tickets. xo

CJ said...

This is too funny! If one were to have a Quilt Blogger dream then Des and her Mamma Mia soundtrack should surely be in it. :D

Carrie P. said...

What funny dreams. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Very pretty.

Corrie said...

Well, where was I? I want to make ham sandwiches! Don't ya love that Mamma Mia soundtrack... I better go watch the videos. Sweet dreams...

Karen Dianne Lee said...

Oh see and more and more visually pleasing photos. And I missed all about quilting and dreams. Where have I been? Not paying attention Karen! Bad Karen!

Trippy to read what aspects of your life filter over into your dream state. Great concept to share.

Thought Provoking Quilty Blog Love, *karendianne.

Karen said...

Oh I thought that said your trip to Florida the first time through! Ha ha.
When I was getting married, I kept dreaming that my wedding took place at the point I was at in planning: the first time, I asked my sister why she didn't have her bridesmaid dress on, and she said, "You didn't have time to pick one out." Then the next time, she had her dress on, but mine was not yet hemmed, etc. It was exhausting!
Of course, I can never remember the dreams that would make good books!

Elizabeth said...

Pam just told me I needed to read this...my first reaction was OH NO! SHE'S GONNA SEE HOW MESSY MY GARAGE IS!
Awesome dream. Wish it was true. My dreams tend to involve being lost in my high school. You know--where I'm late to class for the test I'm not prepared to take?
I like your dreams way better.

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