Monday, December 29, 2008

Progress Continues...

Yesterday between making split pea soup and various chores around the house, I put together three more blocks for my Winter Wonderland quilt. This one below is a 9" Friendhip Star block. It's the last one of these in the quilt.

The two below are 6" blocks - I'm not in the studio, otherwise I would tell you what they are called. It's a real challenge for me to work with such small blocks! My hands are by no means "delicate" thanks to my Lithuanian heritage, and they don't work as well as they used to. But I think overall, the blocks turned out well. I have to make three more of these in 9" blocks - I think I'll use my new flying geese ruler and see if that makes it easier.
I find it odd that when I photograph some of the blocks they look as though the seams don't quite meet on the edges - but I assure you they do!
Mr. Squash and I are off this entire week - woo-hoo!! I plan to really put a dent in the making of the rest of the blocks for this quilt! Tomorrow we're heading into Seattle to a store called Rejuvenation to pick out the lights for the kitchen at the Squash House. I got a catalog from them some time ago and found they not only have a great selection of lighting, but you can have any combination of shade, pendant, finish, etc! And their prices are quite reasonable as well! They also carry knobs, register covers and many other items for the home.

This morning brought more melted snow and welcome rain! We still see 10 foot piles of snow all over town, and a lot of it hasn't melted from sidewalks, roofs and streets, but there has definitely been progress!


Red Geranium Cottage said...

I love all the red blocks Candace. That quilt is going to be awesome!!
Enjoy your time off with Mr. Squash.

CJ said...

Wow they're gorgeous Candace! My seams don't always meet at the edges, but I'm getting better. Yours look pretty awesome to me!

How'd the soup turn out, did you pressure cook it?

Anne said...

You have inspired me to get busy working on my Winter Wonderland. I haven't even started on the pieced blocks but love the way yours are turning out. Glad your snow is melting. Ours is too but another storm on the way tonight. Have fun picking out lighting!

Trisha said...

Your blocks look wonderful! I am quite partial to red. Glad you are going to have the week off and get to do whatever you choose.

I hope your soup was yummy. My kids begged me to make them split pea soup and when I did (and they got to taste it for the first time) they gobbled it up! My friends think my kids are weird, I think they are wonderful!

Purple and Paisley said...

honestly, you must be a perfectionist? your blocks always look perfect...your points, your seams, everything all crisp and nice...wanna come over and make blocks with me? you can show me exactly how you do it! ☺ (just let me know what time to expect you...)

Carrie P. said...

Love those blocks. Look like candy canes and Christmas still.

Libby said...

Love those red blocks *s*

Debi said...

Beautiful blocks. I am doing the Winter Wonderland in blues.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh they are so pretty, and not one point cut off, I always cut off points! Red and white, I cannot wait to watch your progess on this beautiful quilt!

Lisa D. said...

I love your Winter Wonderland blocks - and those seams look pretty perfect to me!

Kay said...

These are beautiful red and white blocks. I've been making red and white (and yellow) blocks for what seems like forever, but I still like them.

*karendianne. said...

Woah! Those blocks are something else. You do such great work.

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