Monday, December 15, 2008

It’s the Little Things!

Yesterday between trips out in the snow and cups of hot chocolate with marshmallows, I thought I would catch up on my Designer Mystery BOM from the Fat Quarter Shop. Since I had three blocks to catch up on, I thought the easiest way to do it would be to cut them all first then sew. For some reason my favorite iron (admittedly I have way more than 1) decided to spit out a glob of oil on one of the fabrics in block 4 - the first one I cut! Not only did it spit out a glob of oil, but I didn’t realize it had happened until I had smeared it over most of the piece as well as a part of the ironing board cover! I managed to cut a few pieces around the smear, but not enough to finish the block. So I thought I would be really frugal in cutting that fabric for the next two to see if I could make it up. I had already checked the leftover fabric from the first 3 blocks and there wasn’t enough to cut anything! Alas, I just couldn’t make enough leftovers to finish cutting block 4. So I emailed Kimberly at the Fat Quarter Shop. She got back to me this morning and said they save a bit of fabric just for these instances and would be sending me a replacement at no charge! Now those are the little things that really amount to great big things in my book! Thanks, Kimberly and crew!

Here is one of the blocks I finished yesterday - my favorite so far!

A little thing Mr. Squash and I do is to take care of the birds in our yard in winter (and summer). They give us so much joy in watching them in return! Yesterday, since the temps are below freezing and we have so much snow on the ground, I took hot water out to the bird bath and un-froze it, put out a new nut/seed block for them and filled up the Nyger feeder. Our goldfinches didn’t leave this winter - I think they like our hotel better than wherever it is they usually go! And let’s not leave out our furry friends, the squirrels. We have a pair we call Bruno and Twiggy for their sizes. It’s so much fun watching them chow down on an ear of corn and then shinny up the bird feeders for more!

Finally, would you do a “little” thing for me and go over and wish Karen at Short Story Long a happy birthday? She is a terrific, creative, quilter, knitter, artist, photographer and mom (I’m sure I left something out)! Happy Birthday, Karen!


Purple and Paisley said...

wow, your block is beautiful! your points are nice and pointy! ☺

CJ said...

Candace, I agree Kimberly is the best! I buy 99% of all my fabric and kits from her. I'm doing her Simply Sophisticated BOM right now, what is the one you're working on? That block is gorgeous!

Carrie P. said...

How frustrating to have that happen to your block. Glad you are able to get some more fabric. The block is lovely. Going over to Karen's now.

Karen Dianne Lee said...

That Kimberly is great and you're such a birdy do-gooder. Want one of mine? I've got a couple Parrots here at LeeHaven and they're drivin' me crazy today!!! ;)

Listen, I traveled over to Short Story Long and left Birthday Wishes. What a cute Blog. Love it! I did have to tell her though how you sent me on my way in the snow, up hill both ways. Naturally, I added you sent me with Hot Chocolate but still... Squash House is slave drivin' sometimes. I'm just sayin'...

hee! ~ bad *karendianne.

Living Life at LeeHaven

Wendy said...

Now that is great customer service, the block looks fantastic.
We feed the birds as well, it's so cute to watch the chickadees and the squirrels clean up the mess.
You guys got way more snow than we did.

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