Tuesday, December 30, 2008

All Lit Up!

This morning after I got my hair cut, Mr. Squash and I went to Seattle to Rejuvention to pick lights for the kitchen at the Squash House. What a wonderful store! They had just enough to select from so that you weren't overwhelmed by choices! Plus I had spent a lot of time perusing their catalog and checking out the website before we made the trip. I pretty much had in mind what I wanted when we walked in the door, and sure enough, with a couple of minor changes, it didn't take long to place the order! Two of the light on the left will be on the kitchen ceiling, and the the smaller pendant will hang over the kitchen sink. It was really hard to get the finish (brushed nickel) to come out on the website, so I substitued polished chrome, which comes out closer when viewing it on the web. But as you can see, neither look the same, so you just have to use your imagination! The house was built around 1948-50, so this is a small concession to 50's style. Mr. Squash wants to put a chrome table and chair set in there as well, but I'm standing firm against it! I grew up with one and never liked it then!
Yesterday I finished another Winter Wonderland block - this is called Cut the Corners. My flying geese ruler wasn't the correct size for this block, unfortunately. I cut out two more and hope to finish them this afternoon, but it's growing later and it may not happen until tomorrow. I do feel like I'm getting closer and closer to the half-way mark!


Anne said...

Pretty lights... and the next block is adorable. Okay...now you're really making me want to get that one out and get going on it.

Carrie P. said...

I went to the Rejuvenation web site. They have some great stuff. Your block is very pretty. A local quilt shop is going to do their $5.00 BOM in two colors. red &white, black & white and blue and white. I am going to do the red and black one.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

another great block!!

PamKittyMorning said...

Love the lights. I have an Old School House light in my master bath, I love the old fashioned look, now I wish I'd picked a colored shade. Love your red and white blocks! Very crisp, nice work.

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY said...

That's a beautiful block and I love the red and white contrast. Great project.

jacquie said...

what a lovely set of lights. i wish i had a store like this. these are just what i've been looking for. nice blocks too. red and white is so great!

jona said...

Lovely lights! I love Rejuvenation. We had an old house in Portland (built in 1924) and we went to the original store to get new (old looking) hardware for our kitchen cabinets. That was 14 years ago and I still miss that house (and those cabinets)!

Libby said...

Oh gosh, I love those light fixtures. We have a 50's ranch house that is currently a rental but hope to one day live in . . . these are just perfect!

Eileen said...

Candace, those are lights like you saw in the 20-30s. Will be perfect for your kitchen.
Cute block

Lisa D. said...

Your lights are cool - it must be fun picking out stuff for the Squash House! I'm sure you can't wait to move in. I love the red & white blocks - did you buy a kit or put them together yourself? I joined an online block of the month for Winter Wonderland (haven't started my blocks yet, however), but then our shop made kits. I'm sure I will supplement my kit with some of the fun reds and whites from the shop - I love to make things really scrappy! Happy New Year to you!

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Em said...

Chrome table sets are cute.