Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Tree Story

I was just getting ready to post and found out from Pam that I’m a winner in her latest give-away! I do believe this is the first thing I have won in a very long time! Thanks to Miss Binnie the rabbit for chewing, oh, I mean picking my name, and thanks so much to Pam!!

The purpose of our trip to the Squash House was to stack wood from the two 60 year old Spruce Trees that came down in last January’s freak windstorm. The tree services in town have been mired all year in hundreds of other downed trees and had finally gotten around to doing ours! When we arrived on Saturday, the branches had been removed, but the trunks were still in place - no wood to stack! Needless to say we were a bit put off - 300 miles is a long way to drive! So we spent Saturday afternoon talking to our builder - who just happens to live across the street (how fortunate is that!) - about the minor changes we want to make to the house. Some of those changes are new counters (butcher block/marble), new floor in the kitchen and lower level, new door and various other minor details. We really liked Ted and felt good about at least getting the conversation started and some plans developed!

Sunday we decided to start raking leaves….they were everywhere! Our town is known for it’s wonderful old trees - and the amount of them! We have four very old, large Dogwoods in front, not to mention all of the neighbors trees, which blow everywhere! In the back the neighbors across the alley have an enormous Mimosa - those leaves blow directly into our yard! We thought this was something the gardener did, but the yard was so covered in leaves that we figured he wasn’t doing them. Bob began out front and I started in back. Our lot is a third of an acre - that’s a lot of leaves! About half way through, who should arrive but the gardener’s crew with a blower and riding mower! What a relief to see them!

We then bandaged up our blisters, decided to go for a ride and found ourselves at Sears Appliance store! We looked at and decided on the new appliances for the kitchen and made a good contact with a salesperson.

Monday we had a 10:30 meeting at the house with a flooring person who showed us samples of Marmoleum for the kitchen and Cork for the lower floor. She was getting ready to leave around 11:30, when who should arrive, but the tree service! We knew we had our work cut out for us!

Here is what that area looked like after they removed the stumps.

This is only a portion of the nearly two cords of wood that we, oh, I mean Bob mostly stacked.

And this is my tired hubby! He nearly fell asleep over Thai food that evening.

They even brought the new trees and planted them, but by then it was dark and I couldn’t get a good photo. One of the workers asked for a hose so he could water in the new trees. Well, as luck had it, we decided to bring with us a really neat hose in an automatic reel box that Bob’s sister and her husband had given us last Christmas! I had thrown it in the car just before we left thinking it was one less thing we would have to move over there. Barbara and Bern, I hope you’re reading this - you have no idea how much we love that reel box! Yesterday morning it was pouring down rain so I still wasn’t able to get a picture of the new trees - maybe next trip.

Tomorrow I'll post pictures of the Christmas Cottage Exchange Blocks - I still haven't opened the package - can't wait!


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Wow, wood storage! Glad you are back.

Marla said...

Wish we had some of that wood! What a good time for the rains to come after getting new trees planted!

Carrie P. said...

Whew! what a day. I wanted to thank you for the cottage block that you made. Love your fabric choices. Thanks again.
Carrie P.

Pam Marshall said...

Great Blog.
I received my cottage block.Thank you. Great work.

happy zombie said...

Were are in the same staking sisterhood Candace! And your Thai food afterwards... the icing on the cake (I think we had leftovers on our stacking night, blah).

Congrats on being a winner on Pam's contest. Whoo whoo!

Stephanie D. said...

Just reading about all that makes me weary!

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