Thursday, November 6, 2008

Road Trip!

Saturday morning my husband and I are leaving for the Squash House in Eastern Washington! We’re going to spend four days there taking care of some needed maintenance, repairs, and also getting estimates on some updates we will be doing before we move over there.

One of the biggest projects of the weekend will be stacking wood. There was a huge windstorm - over 100 MPH gusts - last January which did major damage all over town. We lost two Blue Spruce trees, one which came down on the roof while our renters were living there! The tree service has finally gotten them down and they should be split and ready to stack by the time we arrive. In the picture below, it is the 2 pointed trees directly above the roof of the house.

The good news is the tree that came down on the roof only poked some holes in the roof and did minor damage to the gutter and an inside wall - easily repairable. The bad news is that both trees had to come out. We were told that the trees were brought out of the Blue Mountains in Oregon as seedlings by the original owners children and planted shortly after the house was built in 1950. We are replacing them with two Autumn Blaze maple trees as they are fast growing and provide spectacular fall color and also privacy.

I don't know about you, but we love our road trips! We always start off with huge lattes from Starbuck's and a good book on tape. We have our favorite rest stops and there is always some great scenery on the trip over! We stop for another latte about half way over (150 mile mark!), which always leads to at least one more rest stop before our final destination! On the way back at this time of year we like to stop at an apple orchard in Yakima and buy lots of freshly picked apples - and there is always a quilt shop or two along the way! I'd love to hear about your favorite road trips!


Purple and Paisley said...

have fun, be safe and don't work too hard...=)

Libby said...

Gotta love a road trip. We have a favorite gas station (of all places *s*) Not only does it have clean restrooms, but an amazing assortment of candies that we remember from childhood. Always a fun stop.

Marla said...

My husband and I are having a little road trip Sunday. We are going to Indianapolis, IN to see Celine Dion. I am so excited! -Marla

PamKittyMorning said...

Have a safe trip!

Karen said...

Oh how sad to lose your trees :( I'm glad to hear you'll be putting in new ones! I like your new blog look!


Karen Dianne Lee said...

Hope the trip is going well! Miss ya. *karendianne.

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