Monday, November 17, 2008

Pick Up Thread

You’ve all heard of the game Pick Up Sticks, and probably played it as well. I’ve invented a new game called Pick up Threads! Here’s a good example of what happens when you’re not paying attention! I picked up my neatly organized and categorized thread box yesterday and didn’t realize it wasn’t latched!! I shrieked as the thread went all over and could hear my husband at the other end of the hall shouting, “Get a picture, blog about it!” So I’m doing this for him.

I also spent some time sewing on the borders to my fall table topper. A while back at this year’s Sew Expo I was talking with Shar Jorgenson about which batting she used for one of her table runners. It quilted beautifully, yet was very light. She told me it was Mountain Mist Quilt Lite Batting So I bought some and tucked it away. I decided to try it on the table topper. When I took it out of the package it was pretty wrinkled so I popped it in the dryer on delicate for about 5 minutes. The wrinkles came right out, but it expanded from 1/8” thick to what you see below!
I went ahead and pinned together the quilt sandwich thinking that it would relax, but no - it held it’s puffiness! So I’ve now unpinned it and will go back to my favorite Warm and Natural!

Another thing we did this weekend was drive down to Seattle’s Georgetown area and visit a marble/granite/stone showroom. We are doing one of the counters at the Squash House in marble so I can have a good surface for pastry. I had originally thought about Carrera marble - you see that in a lot of high-end kitchens. Well, we are not high-end folks in spirit or pocketbook! What we found interesting is that the end user does not purchase the stone, rather picks it out, the fabricator picks it up and it’s all billed through the contractor! A salesperson had us don orange vests, then took us out into the warehouse to look at Carrera. What I saw didn’t appeal to me, but right next to it was this piece.
Sorry for the flash, but this was the best photo I could get to show the true color. My husband and I immediately fell in love with this piece. The light, creamy color will compliment the butcher block we’re installing on the other counters quite nicely and doesn’t command the price of Carrera! Now it's on to picking out a kitchen sink and faucet!


Purple and Paisley said...

that is so funny about your every single thing that happens will warrant a picture and a blog post!...=)...warm and natural is my favorite batting, too...

Marla said...

Love your piece of marble! I am looking forward to the day when I can have the problem of picking up spools of thread. Right now, I just buy what I need to do a project so will be years before I can build up a collection. Hoping that hubby will get me a good sampler starter package of thread for Christmas, (along with an IPod, EQ6, quilt shop gift cards, on and on and on) LOL!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love that piece of stone you chose..yummy. I think it will look fabulous with the butcher block which I have always liked. Sorry about your threads..that usually happens to me with my wooden holder (non magnetic) with my 40 plus long arm bobbins on board...LOL

Karen said...

I was reading your blog when my dad wanted to check out this blogging thing. You are so quick!
I have not had to play Pick Up Thread but I have had to play Pick Up the Quilt Pieces several times. I think your marble is beautiful!

Des said...

You gotta love a hubby who has embraced this insanity we call blogging! CHEERS to him!!!

Wendy said...

Your hubby is a fast thinker to make that suggestion so quickly.
Maybe the batting would be less puffy when you quilt it, that's just a guess.

Lynette Anderson said...

I love the marble you have chosen, oh, guess what its almost the same as in my kitchen! we had ours polished which looks great, except that be warned if you get a bit of wine/champagne/fruit juice etc on it it will take the shine off. We now have a very loved kitchen bench and as more of the shine comes off our kitchen is taking on more character, we love it.

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