Thursday, November 13, 2008

Christmas Cottage Blocks Finale!

Before I forget, please pop over to Hanne’s Blog where she is having a Christmas bag pattern giveaway! It’s a darling bag and looks very easy to make. Hanne is in Norway, but will send to wherever in the world you live. You still have time to leave a comment - her drawing is Monday!

The Christmas Cottage Block Exchange has ended and I have received my blocks. It was great fun - I got to play with some new fabrics and old scraps, test my creativity and meet a lot of very nice people. The best part for me was making some great new friends. I would do another exchange in a heartbeat! Now comes the fun part - getting to decide what to do with the blocks! First I want to thank all of those whose blocks I received: Sherri, Ruthie, Lyda, Kathi, Carrie, Nanette, Shauna, Deborah, Amanda, Pam and Mary! Your blocks are all delightful and fantastic!

Included in the package with the blocks was this card along with some neat Christmas buttons and a sewing machine charm! Thanks Nanette and Terri!

This is just one example of the great ideas - I just love the fabrics and the little appliquéd snowman is just fantastic!

Check out the detail!
Here are a few of the others. I’ll save the rest for after I've finished putting them together!

While we were at the Squash House this past weekend, I managed to find a few minutes to pop into the local quilt store. I picked up some really cute red and white Makower fat quarters, which I believe are a new line and a few Sandy Gervais Merry & Bright fat quarters. When I got home I was certain I carried the bag into my studio, but I can’t find it anywhere! I have a sneaky feeling they are now part of the dumpster out back. Sniff. That will teach me to be so hasty in putting things away!


Mel said...

Aren't they so fun! Thanks for doing an additional swap with me!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I'm glad you got them. It is weird how some of them seemed to show up instantaneously at homes and others took forever! Your blocks are darling. You'll do something wonderful with them I know.

And I've done the same thing TOO MANY TIMES with throwing things away like fabric. Don't tell anyone but once I threw away a $12,000.00 roll over check for our 401K. My husband will never EVER let me live that down. Of course he found it in the trash. He goes through it periodically just because of that one time. But there has been many times he's come in the house after plowing through the trash with something not meant for throwing away!

Karen said...

Oh how SAD that you lost your red and white fabric. I hope you find them!

I look forward to seeing your finished houses project.

Stephanie D. said...

Those little cottages are adorable!

And I hope you find your fabric--I really like those.

Mary said...

Hi Candace, I received your cottage block, thank you it is adorable, Hugs, Mary

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