Friday, November 21, 2008

Benign Whirlies

The past couple of days I have been down and out, well, sort of. I began having dizzy spells a couple of weeks ago, but not frequent and nothing seemingly worrisome. The first one happened when we were stacking wood at the Squash House. Wednesday night was another story. I had a bad one before bed, then after I went to bed I would get them just rolling over or even just opening my eyes. At one point I laid awake wondering first if I should wake my husband and tell him, second if I should have him call 911, third if an ambulance came would he tell them not to turn on the sirens and wake the neighbors, and finally, if he did call - was I wearing a decent pair of underwear! I can't believe I gave it so much thought, but I think it's how we were raised - don't trouble someone unless you really, really must!! To make a long story short, I didn't have him call 911, but went to the doctor the next day to find out that I have a temporary Vertigo to which he gave a convoluted name (my husband thinks he made it up) that begins with "Benign"! We prefer just to call it the Benign Whirlies! It will go away in a few weeks and isn't something to be terribly worried about other than falling when I get a dizzy spell!

The great thing is that I've stayed home from work and have been playing in the studio! I am doing one more Christmas Cottage Exchange block with Mel, which I finished. Then while I was at it, I thought I would use some of my Christmas fabric and attempt one of the little baskets from Pink Penguin that everyone has been making! It was quick, easy and I love it! I used a nice linen as was suggested for the bottom and handles, but next time I think I will use something a tad more coordinating.

I also worked on some more blocks for the Winter Wonderland quilt. I don't know why, but they are slow going...probably because I am such a perfectionist! I think I may have been dizzy while doing the one on the right - It seems a little wonky to me, even though it measures up just fine.
Also, please read the update at the bottom of my last post - I made an error in what was included in Lenna's giveaway and want to make sure you check it out!


Purple and Paisley said...

did you see that our attorney general has the benign whirlies, too? pics of him fainting have been all over the news...hope you're better soon! can you believe i'm the only person around who doesn't think those baskets are easy? mine turned out terribly! lol...sigh...have fun at your 40% off sale! =)...(and please don't get the whirlies while picking out luscious thimbleberries swirlies and twirlies, girlie!)...

Carrie P. said...

Don't try driving when you are feeling dizzy. UGH! Love your little basket. I have made several myself. They all turn out so cute.

Linda Bylsma said...

Soooo, you didn't share the whirlies with Dr. Linda. It is Benign Positional Vertigo. I have Acute Benighn Positional Vertigo which means it isn't temporary. It's because we have rocks in our heads, and when the reposition themselves due to movement, we get the whirlies. It's the pits.
Take car.

Des said...

You're so cute and darling! Thinking of everyone else while your spinning! Hope this temporary whirling goes away quickly. Your basket is adorable and looks pristine! Is that the right word? precise? PERFECT!!

Amy said...

Hello, thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading your blog. I hope the dizziness goes away, I really like the little baskets. Happy Stitching,Amy

Karen said...

Candace, I think your basket turned out very nice. I was just over to a friend's helping her make one. They are quite a hit, aren't they!

Stephanie D. said...

I've been having the "whirlies", too--just didn't go see anyone. Being a nurse, I tried to self-diagnose.

First I decided it was because I hadn't been taking my blood pressure medicine regularly. That wasn't it. Then I decided I probably hadn't been drinking enough fluids. Nope. Then I figured I must have fluid behind my eardrums because my nose has been a bit stuffy.

Whatever. Now I just try not to look up, or turn around too quickly, and will wait until it goes away. Hope yours disappears soon.

Karen Dianne Lee said...

You know Candace, I've been back so many times just to spy the work you did on this post. Top Notch!

Mel said...

I hope you are feeling better now Candace! I gotta say the only thing cuter than that little bag is that cute little bag in my studio! Thanks so much! I love it!!

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