Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Back Home Again!

We made it back home from our trip to the Squash House a couple of hours ago! It's a long drive - 300 miles one way - and with pouring down rain most of the way, a dreary one! Unfortunately while we were there, the previously "free" wireless internet connection in our neighborhood was no longer. Spending four complete days without internet is rough! So I'm just posting a quick note this evening to let you know that I'll be catching up on my blog reading and posting some more tomorrow! We had a lot to do over the four days, so I have a bit to tell!

The best news of all is that while I was away, the Christmas Cottage Exchange blocks arrived! I am so excited to see them! I'm going to wait until tomorrow to open the package, though. I want to be bright eyed and ready to give them lots of attention - and show them off!! So check back tomorrow for more news and pictures!