Monday, October 13, 2008

Sentimental Journey

Yesterday my husband and I took advantage of a beautiful fall day. We loaded up our fly fishing gear, grabbed some lunches, a Starbuck’s and drove up to the Loop for a final day of fly fishing this year. Not only does fly fishing end on October 31st, this would most likely be the last time we visit the Loop for a long time, providing our retirement plans stay on track.

The further we drove, the more we gained altitude and the colder it got! By the time we reached the south fork of the Stillaguamish River it was in the low 40’s - way too cold to put our feet in the water! Plus the recent rains had brought the water level much higher than we had anticipated. So we stopped at a few places, tromped around in the woods taking pictures and later had a picnic at Big Four.

Surprisingly, there wasn’t as much fall color. Most of the colored leaves you see are vine maples, which are usually the first leaves to turn.

We did manage to get some nice photos, though. So please enjoy our little virtual day trip! Tomorrow I will have some progress pictures on my Pumpkin Promenade table runner.

This is Alpine Cabin at the old Camp Silverton. It's one of the few remaining buildings. This is the cabin I stayed in as a young girl. I know it's been repaired and remodeled many times since, but still looks as it did then!

My husband hoping we've finally landed at a picnic spot so he can eat his lunch!
This is a very deep hole....look how clear the water is!
I once caught a large Mountain Whitefish just below that white water.

This is the Verlot Ranger Station, built in 1939 by the CCC's.