Monday, September 22, 2008

Rockin’ Happy....and My Current WIP

We recently returned from our annual fly fishing vacation. Every couple of years we have been going to Shepp Ranch located on the Salmon River in Idaho. The only way in is via jet boat, bush plane or pack horse. We always choose jet boat (I’ll save our bush plane experiences - and there are some doozies - for other posts). The first day begins with a 26 mile drive down a one-lane, dirt road outside of Riggins, Idaho. The road ends at the jet boat pick-up site of Vinegar Bar and it’s another 15 mile boat ride up river to the ranch. While waiting for Mike to pick us up this year, we sunned ourselves on rocks at the boat ramp. I spied this rock and just had to take a picture! Now that’s a happy rock!
We love the Shepp Ranch. It’s a little like being on a cruise ship - meals are served at regular intervals family style, there are activities (guided or unguided) - fly fishing, hiking, hunting, swimming, hot tubbing, riding, etc., you stay in your own private cabin complete with a wood burning stove for those cold mornings and evenings, electricity from a generator, you get a chance to meet and interact with other ranch guests, and oh, did I mention food??? The food is fabulous and plentiful. Mike and Lynn Demerse have managed and run the ranch for 33 years now - they feel like family! Mike always takes us out fly fishing at various spots up and down the Salmon River several times, or we can just walk up Crooked Creek from our cabin and fish to our hearts content. I caught and released this nice rainbow on the creek the last morning of our stay. We’re thinking about going back next year for either the spring or fall Steelhead season - something we have never done.

Here is my current work in progress - Winter Wonderland by Meg Hawkey of
Crabapple Hill Studio. Please forgive the basting stitches I haven't pulled yet!

I’m on the final stitchery, the holly border, then I will begin making the outside blocks.
I just love Meg’s patterns! I also have the patterns and fabric ready to go for
Zelda’s Fancy Hat, Halloween Journey, and Over the River and Through the Woods. Several quilt shops in my area have had her for full-day classes, but I can never seem to get in one before it fills up! One of these days I'll make that class for sure!

Don’t forget to leave me a comment and help me name my new bike! You can either comment on this or the original post below. Contest ends Friday September 26th

Happy Fall!



Linda said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog Candice. Sorry I didn't reply directly but you have your email set at no-reply. That parcel was such a stunner. I hope you enjoy your first swap.

CJ said...

Love the new project Candace, and the latest fishing picture! Those are so great! Your trip to the ranch sounds fantastic, exactly the sort of place Jim and I would call home, LOL. I was just telling him today, I wish he'd take up consulting or something so we could go back to living in the boonies with nothing but squirrels, deer and rabbits for neighbors. Ah... the life!

Candace said...

Linda, still getting the hang of this, thanks for letting me know!

CJ, I could see you and Jim running Shepp Ranch - Lynn has been telling Mike they ought to think about something else to do and Mike says when she thinks of something better to do to let him know! I can't ever see how Mike could live without that place - it certainly is one of the last "outposts"!

Pam Marshall said...

Love your snowman stichery. I can't seem to find anything like that where I live. I'm enviouse.

Candace said...

Hi Pam,
If you click on the Crabapple Hill link in my post it will take you to their site and you can purchase that pattern or many more from there!

Karen said...

Oops, I left a name for your bike and it is too late! Sorry; saw the 26th and thought it was the deadline. Anyway, I love the embroidery. You did a very nice job.

Candace said...

Thanks for catching my boo-boo - the deadline for my naming contest is Sept 26th! I have edited the post to reflect this - no wonder I wasn't getting any more entrants! So you're still in the running!

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