Monday, August 11, 2014

Squash House Farm Report

I may have been quiet on the blogging front, but it's been plenty busy here at Squash House Farms!  Mr. Squash and I went away for a few days and when we returned there were lots of things ready to pick.
This is the first decent tomato harvest of the summer.  I plan to make a tomato tart I saw HERE.  The blueberry crop continues to produce!  Mr. Squash has been picking for well over a month now.  I've frozen quarts and quarts of these prescious gems so far.  Needless to say I'll be baking endless desserts this fall and winter!
These cucumbers (English and regular) were just fingerlings when we left Tuesday morning.  Friday afternoon they were ready to pick!
I transformed some of them into refirgerator pickles.  
I harvested my Ginger Gold apple tree on Saturday.  This is the first ever apple crop here at the Squash House!  You're looking at 7 1/2 gallons of these green beauties.  
What do you do when you pick apples?  Make pie!  Ginger Gold's make the BEST apple pie ever.
I'll leave you today with a photo of the full moon between our maple trees.  


Stephanie said...

Like handmade, homegrown is best. I can smell that apple pie all the way here and your crust is prettier than any bakery. Lots of good things come from Squash House. I'd love to eat there -- bet it's 4 star worthy.

Needled Mom said...

Did you save a slice of that apple pie for me?????

Isn't it fun to come home and see how much has grown in the garden? Your garden has really been great this year. You will certainly be enjoying it throughout the winter months.

AnnieO said...

Your hard work is paying off! What a gratifying pile of yumminess

Anna said...

oh I am so green with envy...everything looks so yummy!

Sue said...

Your gardens are really paying off this year :-D

I will have to check out that tomato tart.

Hope you had a nice get away !

Sue said...

Your gardens are really paying off this year :-D

I will have to check out that tomato tart.

Hope you had a nice get away !

Jackie said...


April said...

You lucky woman you!! My blueberry plants are still babies, I might get a cup or so from them NEXT year. My tomatoes are still green, and while there IS an apple tree hanging over my fence, I have no idea if they're any good or not. I'd love to plant my own apple tree... those Ginger Golds (and your pie!!) sound heavenly :)

Carrie P. said...

Yum! Our blueberries are all done for this year. We had a pretty good harvest this year.
When we came home from vacation most of the ripe grapes were on the patio all mushy. Not sure if the rain caused them all to fall or the birds were into them. It was so disappointing. Some varmint got into my corn while we were gone too.
I am still waiting on some big tomatoes. All I am picking is the little yellow pear shaped ones.

pratima said...

Delicious crop and mouthwatering apple pie!! Candace, you and Mr. Squash are patient gardeners, your plants seem to be showing their appreciation with best fruit and beautiful veggies :)

Karen said...

Hurray for the first apple crop! It looks like it was pretty decent. I love a good homemade apple pie :)

Tammy said...

Wow what a bounty of goodness. Everything looks delish, and I must check out that tomato tart, that sounds interesting. So just how does one make refrigerator pickles, they sound interesting and good!! Hugs!

Michele said...

Oh, how wonderful! Delicious! Congratulations on your apples :-) We love fresh fruits and veggies, but don't have the time or the room to grow them. Not to mention it's so hot here!! We are planning on joining a local CSA and getting weekly produce deliveries. I hope it will be good. Your fresh garden produce is inspiring me :-)

cjwalla2 said...

Yummy! Thanks for sharing those tomatoes and peppers, Candace!
Sooo glad I live so close...

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