Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Long Road Home

This morning Mr. Squash and I are all snuggled back in to the Squash House.  We haven't been away from home for this long in quite some time, but we both really enjoyed ourselves!
This was the view from Robert's backyard on our last morning in Napa.  If you click on the photo you'll see a colored blurb sort of in the middle, back in the distance.  It was a hot air balloon making a landing and deflating! The sun was out, but there was frost on the car as we got ready to leave!
When Robert bought the house 15 years ago, he paid a little more than he wanted to, but in retrospect is glad he did.  What was a grazing field for cows back then was later turned into a permanent wildlife refuge that borders the Napa river.  Nothing can ever be built here, so Robert has a wonderful piece of paradise!
One night while in Napa we went to a charity dinner at the Napa Horseman's Assoc.  It was an all you can eat Dungeness crab and spaghetti feed to benefit adult's with special needs.  There were over 200 in attendance and the crab and spaghetti just kept coming!  It was absolutely wonderful!  I took photos on my phone but can't seem to get them off!  Anyway, Mr. Squash sat next to a fellow who is a welder.  He said if we drove home via Hwy 97 to check out the gate, which he made, at Collier State Park Logging Museum.  Sure enough, we drove right past it and had to stop!  Here is one side.
And here is the other side.  What a true craftsman.  He was so proud of them, and rightly so!  We wandered around the parking lot trying to get a look at some of the exhibits.  The snow was too deep to really get very close to most.
Check out the little bear carved into the wood here!  If you looked closely, you could see bear carvings all throughout the woods.
Mr. Squash is surrounded by the most friendly bears we've ever seen!  Are you wondering about all the snow?  We worried we might get caught in a big storm headed our way, but the only snow we saw was an inch or so that had fallen during our stay in Klamath Falls, OR.  Even in Bend, our last night on the road, we dodged a huge storm!
I just loved all the wood carvings around the logging museum!
If you enlarge this photo you'll see more bears.
This piece of machinery was so pretty against the snow!
One of our many shopping expeditions in Napa was to our favorite spot - the Oakville Grocery.  I can now begin my mornings with a new mug and my favorite, homemade latte piled high with foam!

Next post I'll show you and interesting market we went to in Napa.  Stay tuned.


Nancy said...

Beautiful photos!! And the latte looks awesome!!

AnnieO said...

You two really know how to party--bears, logs, gates, snow, wilderness---and lattes :) Glad it was all worth it and you skipped around the storms.

Me and My Stitches said...

Such lovely scenery! Glad you made it home safely!

Stephanie said...

How lucky Robert has a piece of paradise without fear of a condo being built an inch from his property. Gorgeous view. I love the logging museum and the metal work is fantastic. Looks like you saw more snow than we have. :o) I heart grocery stores. Can't wait.

Libby said...

What a great trip! Love that new coffee mug (though I'm a no-foam girl *s*)

p.s. I email myself photos from my phone. I'm sure there is a far more tech saavy way to accomplish, but it works.

*karendianne. said...

Welcome home! Great gate. What a fantastic trip. Dig the mug!!!

Anna said...

Hey!!! you didn't stop! the dog loves Collier State Park! don't tell me you were this () close to The Tater Patch in Merrill and didn't stop to shop! Isn't Napa wonderful!

Louise said...

What a fun, wonderful trip you had. Napa is so beautiful. The logging museum looks like fun. A couple of my uncles were loggers deep in the Maine woods. Love the gates.hat latte picture has me craving one right about now!

Lesley said...

So glad you had safe traveling and dodged the snow! Your pictures are so beautiful! The bears do look pretty cute, and that gate is amazing! Enjoy many more lattes with your new mug!

Mary said...

Looks like a great trip. And I love the bear carvings. It's been many years since I have seen snow. Not sure I miss it!!

Kaaren said...

Welcome home!

Fascinating pics.

Tammy said...

Looks like you have a wonderful trip and gorgeous scenery. Love your mug and all the foam. Looking forward to seeing more photos.

Sue said...

Welcome Home Candace ! Glad the weather was on your side and no snow !

Needled Mom said...

Isn't it always great to be home, but it sounds like a beautiful trip.

pratima said...

So glad you had a safe journey home! It looks very peaceful out there. The carvings are very fun! Have a relaxing week ahead!

Ulla said...

Beautiful trees with flowers, that time seems so far ahead still. The bears and other sculptures are great. Soundds like you had a lovely trip but it must feel nice to be back at home again.

Houseelf said...

What a wonderful place to visit. I was dribbling over the gates in the film "Beautiful Creatures" at the cinema. Now you have given me another gate to dribble over. LOL Such cute bears too. Love the colours of the wood.

Carrie P. said...

What fun! that looks like some place Mr. P. would like to visit.

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