Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wild Storm in Oregon

Mr. Squash and I are in Cannon Beach Oregon.  We have a great room with a fireplace and nothing but the Pacific Ocean outside our window.
This was the view from our window when we arrived yesterday afternoon.  Haystack Rock is a big attraction around these parts.  We knew there was going to be a huge storm but we were not prepared for just HOW huge!  There were times last night when we thought our room would go into orbit!  We've had the wind blow from some mighty storms at the Squash House, but it is entirely different when you're on the ocean with nothing to break the wind at all.  We woke to much less wind this morning, but the rain was still coming down in sheets!
We didn't let a "little" rain get us down and set out to explore the area after breakfast.  This was our first stop - Center Diamond Quilt Shop here in town.  This shop does not disappoint.  I remembered it well from a visit here about 12 years ago.  The owner has just about everything you could want, including some goodies I'd not seen before!  See those buttons at the cutting counter?  I lightened their stock just a bit (wink).
There was something around every corner!  I even did a little Christmas and birthday shopping!  That's Mr. Squash in the distance admiring a quilt on the wall.
Back in this corner were some Sashiko threads and books and all kinds of wonderful Japanese sewing things.  Sashiko is something I want to do but I'll wait until I have a few other "must do" projects out of the way.
The owner was doing inventory while we were there, but she kindly stopped counting to chat!  We even learned that she visits our neck of the woods every year.
After walking around Cannon Beach we decided to drive down to Tillamook and go through the famous Tillamook Cheese Factory.  We had lunch in their cafe (grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup - total comfort food), then toured around.  Today they were packing the large bricks of cheddar cheese.  There looked to be at least four and maybe six stations around the room where they cut the large bricks, loaded the pieces onto conveyor belts, ran them through the packaging area then sent them farther to the back of the room where I'm sure they were boxed and ready to ship.

On the way back down the stairs, what did I see but a quilt made to mark their Centennial!  I wasn't able to edit any of these photos but I'm sure you can click on the photo to enlarge it.
Check out the cute farmer here.  Mr. Squash was actually an Ag major in college and had to take 3 credits in dairy.  Must not have been enough, though, as his poor milk cow seems to have no face!
This was their "Little Loaf" cheese bus!  Check out the license plate!

Tomorrow we head to Portland.  We keep hearing that the snow levels are going to drop.  I have a feeling we'll be driving over the coastal range in a snowstorm - stay tuned!

If I don't respond to your comment right away it's because I am having trouble getting on my MSN email account - both away and at home.  I think there is going to come a point where I'll have to change my email address.  I'll let you know if that happens.


Michele said...

What excitement! I'm glad you were able to get through the storm! Visting the quilt shop must have been wonderful! Yummy cheese sounds good too :-)

Mary said...

What a guy, Mr Squash must be for visiting all the quilt shops you get to see!

Michelle said...

Hi there! Are you staying in portland tomorrow? One of these days, we must meet. I work in Beaverton but live in NE Portland, near the airport.

Have you been to Pioneer Quilts in Clackamas? If you haven't and have the time, I highly recommend stopping in there. Holly HIll is another in West Linn. Both are sure to not disappoint...Pioneer is just off of I-205 freeway and really easy to get to.

AnnieO said...

Wow, that does sound like a big storm! Glad you were tucked inside away from the weather until it was time to go to the quilt store :)

I remember visiting the Tillamook factory when I was 12 and on a trip with my grandparents! Wonderful quilt there :)

Anne said...

I'm going on a quilt retreat there in Sept. Let it rain....let it blow.... more sewing time! We'll have to hit the tour at Tillamook, looks fun.

Carrie P. said...

looks like a fun trip despite the weather. that water looks awful close to your building.
The quilt shop looks like a great place to shop.
have a safe trip.

B J Elder said...

Center Diamond is such a great quilt shop! What fun. Those storms can be mighty powerful. I love them, but they can be a bit disconcerting when you are that close to the water. Hope your drive to Portland goes great and you get to enjoy some of the GREAT quilt shops in the area.

CJ said...

Love Cannon Beach! We are usually there in July or August. I spend a few hours at the quilt store each time we visit. LOTS of fabric stores in Portland to visit (although I have yet to do that) - Fabric Depot, Mill End (something like that), BOLT. Also a great book store....can't recall the name right now but someone in Portland would know. :)

Florida Farm Girl said...

Stay safe on the road! Sounds like a great quilt shop.

The book store CJ is referring to is most likely Powell's on Burnside Street. Fabulous place to spend several hours. Be sure to pick up your store map when you go in the door.

Houseelf said...

Coming from about as inland as you can get in the UK, it was a real eye opener living here less than a mile from the beach. The houses right by the sand get so much weather and the wind is brutal. We have snow forwcast this week too.

Take care. I hope you get better internet at your next stop. Stay safe! Love the shop.

Cindy said...

Tell Mr. Squash that Scott goes into quilt shops with me now too. Years ago: no.
Now: yes

Maybe he just wants to see what I spend. LOL

Sharon said...

I LOVE the coast in the winter time, it's so active and changing. Looks like a great shop, travel safe!

Me and My Stitches said...

Glad you weathered the storm - now watch out for that snow! The cheese factory looks really interesting - love all of the little blocks on the conveyor belts. Have fun!!

Louise said...

Great shot of Haystack! I know the shop you are sharing, the ladies there are so nice. Tillamook, haven't been there in years but so much fun to visit when our girls were in elementary and they are both now in their 40's. don't worry about commenting back, just be safe! I remember your last visit to Cannon Beach...

Stephanie said...

I love Cannon Beach and Center Diamond. Did you go to Aunt Janes Quilt shop in Tillamook or is it still there? I heart cheese but have not been to the factory.

Delores said...

I came to your blog today via Anna at Woolie Mammoth. I, too, really like Center Diamond. Just wanted to comment that I bought a large button there and put it on a purse - it gets more comments and questions than the purse does!!

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