Saturday, January 12, 2013

Last Day in Portland

We're in the big city one more day.  Why not stop at a couple of places that have been on the list for a while!
Bob's Red Mill Store has been on my list for some time now.  I've been buying their specialty flours and grains for many years and for some reason didn't realize they were a Northwest business!  Sorry I didn't take any photos in the store, but you can visit the link I provided and see all the wonderful items they carry.  I got several specialty flours and a few other goodies while we were there.
This is a very old mill stone.  Wouldn't it be fun to have one of these decorating your garden!  It might even bring good luck to both your baking and your garden!
At the top of Mr. Squash's list was VooDoo Donuts.  We had to wait in quite a line, but it was well worth it!
Here is our box of goodies - mild in comparison to other boxes we saw leave the shop!  Check out the maple bacon bar!  The others are old fashioned donuts - maple, chocolate and glazed.  As much as we'd like to, we won't eat them all at once!


Linda said...

OOOOHHHHHHH those donuts look A. MA. ZING!!!!!!! You had me at donut, anyways!!! :-) Ummmm, can we talk about the one with bacon on top???? LOL!!! I saw that and had zoom in on that bad boy!!!! Yum!!!!

sunny said...


Mary said...

Well, I like maple glazed bacon, so that donut with bacon might be good!

Stephanie said...

I loved scrolling through the donuts. Funny names and interesting creations.

Kaaren said...

I them all at once, i.e.!!!

Quilt Hollow said...

Oh man..relish looking doughnuts! I watched something interesting the other day about eating fats...just one bite as it is the first bite that fills the senses and taste buds...after that you already know what it taste like and that first savory bite is already done. OH HECK!!! WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE KIDDING?! Be done with it and eat while fresh! LOL

Lesley said...

Thanks for sharing this great day...I think I can smell that chocolate donut from here...was it as good as it looks?

Houseelf said...

What a delicious place to visit! Maple and bacon is a great combo. I've not tried it within a cake though.

Cindy said...

I "do" doughnuts - and I 'do" alot of doughnuts. LOL

Me and My Stitches said...

I have a serious weakness for donuts! Once I had to call a friend from the grocery store to have her talk me out of buying the donut holes! Really try not to buy them, because I have no willpower if they are near me! Hope you enjoyed them - they look wonderful!

shelleyjwilliams said...

We lived in Oregon for many years. Oh, how I miss Voo Doo, and Bob's. Plus the fabric shops, not to mention Multnomah Falls, I surely do hope you were able to visit there. Wonderful day in nature!

Char said...

It was nice to see Bob's I love steel cut oats. My DH says Voo Doo Donuts is where he'd like to go also after seeing them on TV.

Carrie P. said...

Old fashioned donuts are my favorite of all donuts.
Bob's red mill, that is so cool. I buy their goods at whole foods.

pratima said...

Yummy donuts!! So nice to read about your trip and know that you are having a wonderful time there... The ocean views from your window were stunning the other day!
Take care, Candace!

Libby said...

VooDoo Donuts, I think I've seen them featured on a tv show. That maple bacon bar is something else. Donuts are my downfall - if there is a donut, I MUST eat it. So none are passing our threshold these days *s*

Sue said...

I love Bob's Red Mill. I use their flours and such all the time! Good stuff!

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