Monday, March 12, 2012

No More Storage Wars!

Friday my new bookcase/cupboard was delivered. I am so in love with it! The color perfectly matches another primitive cupboard in my studio and the size of this is perfect!  Here it is against the wall.  I placed a fat quarter pack on it just to get an idea of how it would look loaded with fat quarters.  The cupboard is pine with Candleberry paint that has been antiqued outside and the inside has been stained a walnut color. 
Here is a closeup.  You can click on any of the photos to enlarge them.  I spent all weekend going through the fabric I had stored in tubs, baskets and drawers.  I ironed all the loose fat quarters and re-folded them to my preferred method.  Call me weird, but I love ironing fabric!
Much to my astonishment, I don't have nearly as much stash as I thought I did!  Can you believe it?  Look below - there is still room for more fabric!   OK, I have to admit that I have two large tubs of leftover scraps and one tub of nothing but yardage, but all in all, this isn't bad! 
I still have to fill up the drawers below but haven't decided what to put in them just yet.
Now that I have all my fabric out in the open, I think it will be much easier to use it up!  I found my taste has changed a lot since I began quilting.  Plus, I found quite a bit of fabric and even some kits that I will never use.  Hence, I'll be having a stash sale soon and my friend Stephanie at Loft Creations will join in as well!  Stay tuned for the date!  Everything will be at bargain prices!  Given the price of fabric in quilt shops these days, this will be a sale not to miss!

***Note to Kathie from Odessa, WA:  You commented on my last post but unfortunately your comment did not include your email address.  I would really like to respond to you, so please email me directly at!***


Stephanie said...

I love ironing fabric too! It's so nice to have the fabric out where you can see it. I find I ignore or forget about fabric in bins. Your shelves are so neat and orderly on your gorgeous new shelves. :o)

Barb said...

Well....I hate ironing fabric so could you please come over....

Love the book shelf, great for your fabrics!!

Linda said...

Looks so nice!!!! Girl, you have tons more room for fabric!!! :-)

Annemariesquilt said...

Wow this so wonderful and a great way to display your fabric..
It looks like your sewing room are bigger that mine and would love to have that kind of space ;-))

Marla said...

Love your new cabinet! Well, time to go shopping for more fabric to fill er up huh? ;) LOL!

Florida Farm Girl said...

I didn't know anybody ever had more storage room than stash. In my house, its the opposite!! So, what's the next project, now that you can see what you have. Beautiful color on the shelf unit, by the way.

AnnieO said...

Beautiful cupboard! I like ironing fabric too--I often hand wash fat quarters or other small yardage and iron it dry instead of waiting for the washing machine and dryer! I'll definitely be watching for your sale :)

Sue said...

I just love your cupboard! I am looking for something like that with glass doors , like a pie safe to store my finished quilts in. I will be keeping a eye out for your Stash Sale ;-)

Anne said...

Let me know when you're gonna have the sale. I might want to join in too.

CJ said...

That is a nice shelf and look, it is already full!! I like to keep my fabric stash behind closed doors for two reasons...dust and ummmmm putting up with the reaction when people see how much fabric I have is not always pleasant. :0

Kaaren said...

I think I'm in love...with your new shelving unit, i.e. Awesome color and just perfect for storing fat quarters and other pre-cuts.

And look at all that empty space just waiting to be filled up. *wink*

Jackie said...

I love it Candace! The stained wood backing is a wonderful offset to the painted portions.

You like ironing fabric?! I'm with Barbara on that one - I'm so not a fan.

QuiltSue said...

What a beautiful cupboard.

Why is that I love ironing fabric but hate ironing clothes?

Carrie P. said...

Oh, what a pretty cabinet. Love the green. You have a nice stash. Mine is not much bigger.
I like to iron fabric too. It is relaxing.

Libby said...

Great cabinet - nothing like finding that perfect piece *s*

Mary said...

That's a very nice cabinet. But I see a shopping trip in your future. It does look a little empty.

Jeanna said...

Love the cabinet and especially now with your fabric stored away.

Looking foward to your sale!

Houseelf said...

What a gorgeous bookcase! Your stash looks great in it. I am the same- I like to look at what I have to get ideas. I hope to be sewing again soon. Ooo can you give me your new postal address please?

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