Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday in Roatan

Here we are in Roatan, Honduras.  Our daily flyer predicted showers, one of which we just avoided after walking around the duty free shops on the island! Fortunately it was short and now the sun is back!

Got this photo of the ship's wake last night.  Imagine water skiing behind that!

Here is a view coming into port.  There is an island on the right that I believe was in a segment of House Hunters International!  I wonder how they like living her so far!  Our neighbors on either side of our balcony are so nice!  Actually, we've met some very nice fellow cruisers so far!

Here is our local welcome party.

What great dancers!  I thought the fellow in red at the top was the best!
Getting off the ship you are embraced by the local parrots!  I had to laugh as so many people wanted nothing to do with these colorful birds!
Looking back at our ship from land.

I think this evening we take off for Belize.  So far we're having a most delightful time enjoying the warm weather!  I was really hoping to find a quilt shop or two in Belize! Who knows....anything is possible!


Stephanie said...

The deep and amazing blues of the water makes me want to go make a quilt! :o) What -- no parrot huggers on your ship? Happy quilt shop hunting.

AnnieO said...

Wake boarding would be pretty vigorous of a sport on that! Glad you are enjoying the island flavors so far. I'd avoid the parrots too :)

Karen said...

How fun! I hope you do find a quilt shop, FQs are always a good souvenir :)

Libby said...

Oh gosh, what beautiful blue water.

Chris said...

Just catching up after watching our grandchildren while their parents were in Florida. Hope you're having a wonderful time--and I love the "old" photo!!

Jeanna said...

You really have to watch out for the "local colorful birds." ;)

Beth said...

You are in my husband's favorite place on earth. He went to Belize a few years ago to dive and he wants to live there now. He was talking about taking a trip to Roatan but he never got around to it. Have fun!

Mary said...

What fun for you. I'm finally getting caught up on all my blog viewing.Have a wonderful rest of your trip!

Annemariesquilt said...

Hi, this looks amazing !!!
I realy hope you will have lots of fun !!