Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Chickens & a Piping Trick!

Our neighbor Ted recently built a chicken coop for his wife, Andrea.  You might remember some of my posts showing Ted's work in the Squash House.  He is a custom builder and did quite a bit of work for us.  My favorite work of Ted's is our custom Maple Bar.  Well, Ted has a warehouse with a lot of leftover materials from which he pulled the makings of his chicken coop!  He said given the materials he used, the first egg was probably worth around $3,000 - lol!  It's really well designed and includes a little door knocker just for the chickens! (Click the photo for a closer look.)  They needed a little holiday cheer, so Ted and Andrea gave them their own set of holiday lights!  I can just hear the girls laying eggs while they cluck Christmas carols!
I've been doing some secret holiday sewing.  I'm a little behind getting caught up and have made a deadline for myself to get it all done in the next few days.  Two of the items have piping, something I love, but dread to make.  I can never sew the piping evenly into to the fabric and usually wind up scrapping it for another idea.  This time I was determined to make it work - and all of a sudden a light bulb in my head went on!
I was given some Lapel Stick to try and I thought - why not stick the piping to the fabric before I begin sewing it!
I finger pressed my piping fabric in half, ran the lapel stick down the fold and onto the front portion of the fold.
Then I simply stuck the piping down the fold and pressed in half before sewing it all together.
Voila!  My piping and fabric stayed together perfectly while sewing and it's ready to insert into my projects.  Many times I look at the mountain of many notions I've accumulated and wonder why - and then an idea like this pops into my head and all I need to do is reach in the notions drawer!


Linda said...

Awesome tutorial, Candace. I've always been scared silly to try piping. Seeing your little tutorial makes it seem pretty painless. I'd really like to make some pillow covers (scared to try that too :-)) and piping would go great for that project. Do you do pillow tutorial too?? LOL!

Quilt Hollow said...

Fantastic tutorial on another use for the lapel stick! I love piping and can't say that I've really ever tried it.

Stephanie said...

I do love piping but haven't every used it. Thanks for the great tips! Now about those expensive eggs...

Sharon said...

Great idea, hopefully I'll remember that for when I get brave enough for piping. Cute coop!

Libby said...

Festive henhouse=festive eggs *s*

Love the piping idea. I'm with you, a great technique that I normally avoid!

Barb said...

What a wonderful chicken coup. I use glue for everything...

Jackie said...

Nice use of the label stick! I love piping too but have only made it a couple of times in my Stitchers Garden quilt (wip).

The chicken coop is just adorable! The Christmas lights are the perfect touch!

AnnieO said...

What a fabulous chicken house! Hilarious--a door knocker and holiday lights. Love it.

Clever you, using notions you already have on hand! Bonus points for the tutorial, thanks :)

Mary said...

Great idea! I always pass on the piping for the same reason. I will have to rethink my pillow making.

Ulla said...

Great idea and good tutorial!
The eggs would be about in the same price range as self-caught salmon, I think.

Lynn said...

What an excellent use of the lapel stick Candace. Why don't you paint an egg a nice golden color and slip it under one of the girls in the night!

April said...

Your chicken coop is gorgeous! My clucky gals got their very own wreath this year, but since it's a portable coop, no lights! :)
Your little piping trick is WONDERFUL! I've only done piping once for a small project, and this idea would certainly have helped!
Merry Christmas!

Linda B said...

That chicken coup is adorable. And what an awsome idea for piping! I have always avoided it for just that reason.

Me and My Stitches said...

I've been wanting to try the lapel stick - but haven't seen it anywhere. Looks like you put it to good use! And, I'd say those chickens have a good life.

Houseelf said...

Excellent! Thanks Candace.

Oh my what pampered chickens! I think a good joke might be to paint some eggs gold on Christmas Eve and either sneak them in to the rollaway nest boxes or leave them on the doorstep with a note saying "love from the hens". :-) I know that would crack me up- pun intended.

Wendy said...

Just wondering how Sugar is doing with the cold nights? I always bring Boo in the house at night and then he goes out first thing in the morning.

Nanette Merrill said...

such a great idea! I really struggle with piping

Carrie P. said...

that is so cute that the chickens have some Christmas lights on their coop.
great idea with the glue. I can't get the cord in straight either but that is a great tip.

Anita said...

Oooh, good use of those glue sticks!

Pepe said...

Wow! Please, show us how you'll use it!

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