Saturday, September 10, 2011

Caverhill Lodge Fishing and a Party!

Finally - the last post on our trip to Caverhill Lodge!  We had the best time fishing!  Each morning at the breakfast table, all the guests would discuss which lake of the 12 available to fish.  You would always have a lake to yourself for the entire day!  The lakes were either accessible by a trail walk, or from the main lake on a small boat.  Once you got to the lake there were always one or two boats with motors ready and waiting!
These are the two beautiful flies Mr. Squash and I used on our first day of fishing!  I love the one on the right because it's called a "pumpkin leach"!  Fitting, wouldn't you say?  These flies were fished down below the surface of the water and wouldn't you know - we had no luck whatsoever with them!  After an hour or two we switched over to dry flies, which are fished on top of the water and it seemed we could do no wrong!
Here is Mr. Squash happily at the helm headed out for a day of fishing!
Here I am that same day patiently waiting for a strike! I was rewarded soon after this photo with a fish jumping out of the lake and nearly into the boat with us!
We were catching them so fast that there wasn't time for many pictures of them!  Here is the first fish I caught on the trip - certainly not the biggest and one of many!
One day we decided to take the long walk to Bramon Lake.  Check out Mr. Squash on this part of the trail!  That's a trail, you say?  Thank goodness it didn't go for long that way!  We even saw fresh bear tracks that day, but I'm happy to say the bear stayed hidden!
Each lake had a sign so you knew you were in the right place.  Larry and Marlene had thought of everything, including an area with a tarp and some cut firewood in case a sudden storm came in!
Mr. Squash is saying:  "Okay, what now?"!!  Our best day of fishing was here!  For not being boat or lake fishers, we did pretty well.
You always knew where to go with these great signs on the trails!
Yay - the lodge isn't far now!  This was painted on a fallen moose antler!
On the last evening, Linda was surprised on her 50th birthday with a wonderful cake decorated with a trout!  She and her husband, Howard, were just learning to fly fish.
Larry was using his little buddy here to tell Howard the party was over and to retreat to the living room!  There was always something fun when you were around Larry!
That evening, Howard found a guitar at the lodge.  It was just a "prop" but playable all the same.  So, he got out his book of songs and chords and we all sat around singing old folk songs and having a grand time!  We met a lot of great folks there and wish they would all come back again at the same time we do!

We just returned from another surprise birthday party at the Minam Lodge!  I'll tell you about that in the next post - it was SO much fun!  I have a new camera and it's taking me some tome to figure out how to unload and process everything, but I promise to have a post up in a day or two!


Linda said...

Not sure which photo I enjoyed the most??? They are all terrific, but I think I like the one of you best! Your smile says it all!! I think the trout cake is super cool! You don't get one of those every day! :-)

Ulla said...

Beautiful views, I can see why you enjoyed your stay.

Stephanie said...

A private lake for fishing, awesome. I'll bet the fish stories around the table were fun. :o) Gorgeous scenery.

*karendianne. said...

Not only does this look like a lot of fun but it's so peaceful. Quiet, restful and rejuvenating with a lot of joy to top it all off. Love those signs, too! Brought a smile to my face.

Linda B said...

What a beautiful place. Looks so relaxing and fun!!

Annemariesquilt said...

Thank you so much the ride !! I had a great time follow you on your fish trip ;-))

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

What a lovely life you live.

pratima said...

Those tall trees lining the lake and the shadows, it feels so peaceful! It is great that you got to indulge in some of your favorite things and also meet wonderful people! A perfect holiday in every sense.

Lisa D. said...

What pretty flies! Are you finding feathers hard to find? I read that it's do to beauty salons buying them for hair accessories.

Cute trout cake - it looks like everyone had fun!

Carrie P. said...

Wow, that first lake with you in the boat is just beautiful. That purple fly is very interesting.
Glad the bear stayed away too.

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