Monday, June 20, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday!

Since my last post I have been "all over", in a manner of speaking!  A little of this and a little of that - least of all sewing I'm sorry to say,  but which will soon be remedied.
I have a few things to show you from around the yard - more to come after the lawn is mowed on Wednesday.  Mr. Squash and I prefer to put our best foot forward :>)
Two of our four new Hybrid Tea Roses have bloomed.  This is Black Magic.
Here is the entire plant.  Mr. Squash made sure we got a red rose - his favorite!
This is Tahitian Sunset.  I love tea roses for cutting!
The name of this escapes me at the moment - as soon as I click "post" I'll remember it!
Here is our gorgeous peony.  We were away when it was in it's prime - it's just about time now for some serious dead-heading.
What are these, you say?  They are garlic scapes!  We got some down at the Farmer's Market on Saturday.  I came home and realized that we must have some of our own on the garlic we planted last fall.  Sure enough, I picked a large bag of them yesterday!  They have a very mild garlic flavor and can be eaten raw, cooked alongside some fresh asparagus, in omelets - the possibilities are endless!  We had them last night in omelettes from a recipe I saw on Octoberfarm!
The bulk of our time the past week or so has been hunting for a new furniture refinishing project for Mr. Squash.  He thought an antique library table would be a great project and he can use it to tie flies on during the winter!  We looked all over our area but saw nothing that suited him.  So we hopped in the car and drove to the West side of the Cascades near where we used to live before retiring.  The city of Snohomish is full of fantastic antique shops.  We spent an entire day looking in every shop that had furniture, but all we could find were beautiful tables that had already been refinished.  At the last shop Mr. Squash asked the proprietor if he had any unfinished tables anywhere.  He said he was just getting ready to close up shop early and we could follow him home - 20 or so miles up the freeway to his warehouse.  And there it was!  This solid oak, Mission style table for half the price of the refinished tables we saw!
Take a close look -- in a couple of months you will see the gorgeous oak under the shabby surface it has now!

We had a really nice trip - saw some old friends and had a couple of nice dinners.  We were also surprised that so many people remembered us -- Starbucks, the quilt shop (that was a no-brainer - hee), the wild bird shop - and even Gold's Gym where Bob used to work out every day (the hotel provided him with a free pass for the day).  It was a little like Norm walking into the bar on Cheer's!!  We stayed in a little boutique hotel on the water and made stops at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods to stock up on the way home! 


Stephanie said...

I used my Farm Basket garlic scrapes this weekend too. Who knew you could eat them! That omelet looks yummy and I'm trying it for sure. I love the detailing on Mr. Squashes table. Looking forward to seeing it after his loving care. I can smell the roses...Mr. Creations had the most lovely rose garden in California. His favorite is Peace. I'm partial to Mr. Lincoln.

Me and My Stitches said...

Your flowers are all so beautiful! Great find on the table - can't wait to see it when after he works his magic.

Lynn said...

Your garden looks so healthy Candace. What a fun trip! We love to go antiquing even though we couldn't possibly squeeze one more piece of furniture into our house!

ferne said...

What a fun post! The flowers look great and the blue one is a campanula, the variety I can't remember, but I love them. I was just deadheading a Black Magic rose the other day and thinking what a beautiful shade of red it was. You guys sure do find the greatest furniture...looks like a fun project!

Linda said...

Flowers are beautiful! I wish could smell those roses! What a gorgeous treasure you found. I can already see the beauty it's going to become. I can't wait to see it after Mr. Squash works his magic!

Carrie P. said...

What a great time you two had.
And what a find, can't wait to see the table with its makeover.
Wow, those roses are perfection!

Mary said...

How nice to go "home" again, especially before it gets too late and nobody remember you. Your flowers are beautiful.

AnnieO said...

Lovely roses! Glad you and Mr. Squash are enjoying the fruits of your gardening labors and also the travels to old haunts! The table is really great looking even before finishing, terrific find.

pratima said...

Your garden seems to be bursting with beautiful flowers! Gorgeous roses! Thank you for the link to the recipe to make with garlic scapes. I've never tried them before. I can hardly wait to see Mr.Squash's table after the makeover :)

Ulla said...

Beautiful roses, and the campanula has so many flowers compared to the wild ones! The table looks very nice, I'm sure Mr. Squash will enjoy his refinishing work, and later the fly tying on the table.

Beth@seasonsofhome said...

Awesome table.

Jackie said...

Are you and Mr. Squash so busy in retirement that you haven't had time to do much fly fishing? It seems like you haven't.

The table you found is gorgeous as it is, I can only imagine how good it's going to look refinished.

onlymehere said...

Excited to see the finished table. Oak is absolutely my favorite wood. When we made the cabinetry for the house (took a college class and, yes, I'm a cabinetmaker on the side) we used all wood except for one bathroom that has maple. I love it and I never tire of oak. Love the grain, the smell of a fresh cut of oak, etc. Fun stuff going on at your house for sure!

Sheila said...

Can't wait to see the finished table. Have a great week!

Louise said...

Wow what a fun newsy post. The new finish project for your husband is a beauty. I love library tables. Flowers are gorgeous. My favorite roses are Cecile Brunners..(SP?)
They are so fragrant. The colors of all your flowers are so vibrant. Your visit to Snohomish encourages me to make another visit there. Perhaps in the fall. Looks like you are finally getting some nice weather.

Karen said...

Beautiful tea roses. I hope they smell delicious. I am looking forward to seeing the finished table!

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