Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Treats

Mr. Squash and I were out working in the yard today.  What a treat from those long days inside all winter!  Since I haven't been able to show much of what I'm quilting these days as yet, I thought I would take you on a little walk around our yard.
Daffodils on the south side of the yard are just about completely opened.  The smaller green plants below them are grape hyacinth which seems to bloom much later.

Mr. Squash needed some plastic pots, so we bought a flat of violas.  Why didn't I save all those pots from last year!  I planted a couple of masses around the yard for a punch of color, then the empty pots were used to transplant his New Jersey tomato seedlings.

Miguel mowed the lawn yesterday for the first time this year and also edged around the four dogwood trees.  Last fall I planted a bunch of winter pansy's and violas under them and along with the primrose I planted last spring, everything wintered over really well! 

How I love Bleeding Heart (Dicentra)!  This guy also wintered well and promises already to be twice as large as last year!

We got a lot of fresh rhubarb from our friend Carol last year.  It was so good that I decided I wanted one of my own.  This plant was moved 3 times and stomped on by raccons, but it seems to be coming back just fine!  Soon I'll be making rhubarb crisp!

In the Fall I planted Chesnok Red Garlic - a hard neck variety - one of our favorites.  We removed the straw from the bed today and look what we have - every one germinated!

Another new addition last year were two Clematis, both named for my SIL and her husband!  Even with a heavy frost the other night, they're going strong!  Here is Barbara.  When she beginns climbing she will have the most gorgeous magenta-colored flowers!
H. Bernard, the other Clematis, is having a slightly slower start, but when he gets going his white flowers shine!  Clematis like their roots to be cool, so I try to place some of our large, collected rocks around them.  This rock came from a fun day fishing on the South Fork of the Sauk river one July day a few years ago.

On the quilting front I'm marking my New York Beauty and getting ready to put it on Vinnie.  I was going quilt it with a pantograph, but it screams for something custom, so I'm taking the plunge!  I decided I'd better make some chalk markings to help guide me first.  I'd rather do that than pick out stitches any day!  I also have a couple of "Supreme" projects ready to show you - Stephanie should be releasing the patterns soon.  Tomorrow we're off to a large craft show - looking for some fun garden art!


Linda said...

Seeing all your plants and gorgeous pansies makes me long for gardening out in the yard so bad! No planting until May here! We are still getting snow! Yuck!

I've been wondering what vine was up to?? :-) can't wait to all your projects!

Linda said...

I wrote Vinnie and my silly iPad corrected it and I didn't catch it in time! Apologize to Vinnie!

Nicole said...

You are really putting me in the mood to garden! Of course it is pouring rain outside--just like it has done for the past 19 days. I am forgetting what the sun feels like!

Stephanie said...

Oh how I love Spring after our long cold winters. I'm really looking forward to seeing your finished NY Beauty. Fingers crossed those patterns will appear soon. :o)

ferne said...

We have Clematis and Honeysuckle in the green house waiting to get planted and it is so warm in there that some of them are blooming. But, it snowed here a little today so they are going to wait a bit longer, I do love visiting them in the greenhouse though! Spring fever is really setting in!

Ulla said...

With 30 cm of snow still on the ground here, your garden looks like the end of May to me!

Cheryl said...

Clematis is my favorite! Wish I could grow it. You will have a glorious garden soon.

Mary said...

Your garden's first act makes me think this will be a fantastic show this year.

Quiltingranny said...

Always so wonderful to stop by and see where retirement has the Squash family! Thanks for sharing your spring!

Sharrieboberry said...

We're a little further ahead in our spring stuff here but I enjoy seeing all your plants spring forth! Especially the ones that end to do very well where I live (bleeding heart).

Very fun!

Sharrieboberry said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Louise said...

What fun to see all of your new buddings and bloomings! I can hardly wait for ours to start. My daffodils and crocus are but not much else. Bleeding hearts have thrived in my yard. Also columbine.
We are heading to So. CA on Wednesday and of course it has been raining the last few days. I have asked my daughter to please make it go away..Same thing happened to my grand daughter in AZ on spring break from college. They got snow the day they tried to go to Grand Canyon and had to be escorted out..geesh...Okay I am done whining and am going to think very positive..Will I bring a jacket to CA you betcha!..

Carrie P. said...

Yeah!!for spring.
I planted some elephant garlic this year and some other kind but can't remember what the name is.
that is a very interesting rock.
Can't wait to see your quilt and what you have been working on for Stephanie.

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

I enjoyed strolling through your garden. Everything looks so happy to be coming back!

I'm anxious to see your NYB quilt and your "Supreme" projects.

Anne said...

Oh, I'm so jealous. We can't plant here "till the snow is off Black Butte", and I don't think it's ever going to happen this year! I'm so over winter (which as dragged into spring).

jaz@octoberfarm said...

you sure are further along than we are! it looks like you are going to have a lovely garden this year.

Cyndy said...

I am so jealous!

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