Monday, January 24, 2011

Meet Vinnie Gammill...

Friday was one of the rainiest days we've had in a long time!  I checked the radar between my dealer's shop in McMinnville, OR to here several times during the day -- I wanted to make sure there wasn't anything along the way that would delay his arrival!  Not only did he arrive safely, but a tad ahead of schedule!
Here is Jack's truck backed up to our garage.  See that plastic covered stuff on the upper right?  That is the frame for my table. Someone else's frame is on the left - he had 3 or 4 more stops after me!
When Jack opened the back of his truck, we expected large boxes, but he took care of those before leaving the shop, so all he would have to do is unload and get to business!  Because it was raining so hard, we really had to work fast unloading, otherwise I would have had more photos!
Here is Mr. Squash carrying one of the side pieces of the table downstairs.  Both of us pitched in to speed things up.
Just waiting for Vinnie to come down now!  I'm sure you're wondering where the name Vinnie came from.  Well, I had an anonymous comment the other day from Carrie that said Out with Lennie, In with Vinnie!  I immediately loved the name as does Mr. Squash, who says it makes him think of home in New Jersey!  Anyway, I later was thrilled to find out which Carrie made the comment - and immediately emailed to thank her!
Here is Jack setting up the table.  What a dedicated dealer - not only did he drive several hours in the rain to get here, but he waved off homemade goodies I had made for him until after he was done!
Oh.....we're getting close!  By the way - Jack is about 6'5" at least - that's why the table looks so small here!
Just a few more adjustments.....
And, Viola!  Ready to go!!  Jack loaded up Vinnie with "Gammill Food" consisting of thread, fabric and batting, spent a little time walking me through the machine and table and let me have at it!!
Here I am at the end of the day - swirling, feathering, stippling and getting to know Vinnie!  I absolutely love Vinnie!!  (Not to worry -- Mr. Squash understands he comes first no matter what.) I'm so glad things worked out the way they did because this is really the right machine for me!  You know where I'll be the next week or so. I'm keeping my practice sessions short but frequent so as not to strain muscles that aren't used to these motions.  I'm almost done with this quilt sandwich and will load a larger practice sandwich later today and give pantographs a try!  I really feel like I can get to some real quilting quite soon!


Jackie said...

Yipppppeeee Candace! You look so calm and natural. I'm sure I'd be terrified. You must share the details of what you got, what add ons, etc. and show us all your practice quilts. I'm so very excited for you!

That Carrie?! WOW!

Ulla said...

You lucky girl! The machine and table look huge. I wish you many happy moments with Vinnie! You must show us some pictures of your learning progress too.

Jackie said...

Yay!! Vinnie is quite a handsome machine! I know you will love it. Keep practicing and enjoy!

Linda said...

It's a pleasure to meet you Vinnie!

Candace, you look like a pro already! I'm so happy for you! Can't wait to see your doodles! Looks like Lenni did you a huge Favor!

Sharon said...

whoohoo! Let the fun begin. I finished a quilt this weekend and I felt so blessed to be able to do my own quilting.

Darlene said...

Hello, Vinnie - you are quite the dapper dude. Welcome home!

Be kind to Candace and her Main Man and they will be kind to you. :-) She was very patient with Lenni but eventually 'kicked him to the curb' - don't try her patience. LOL

Candace - have fun!

Marj said...

Oh! I am so happy for you. Vinnie looks like a winner.

Quiliting in Mequon said...

Well, let's welcome Vinnie to Squash House... I wish Vinnie was visiting me... I have always dreamed of owning one...Maybe he has a brother that is not so pricey... I wish you well with your new toy and I know you will produce lots of lovely thing on it... :)

AnnieO said...

Terrifically exciting! Welcome Vinnie! Wish I had a room like that :)

Louise said...

I like that look of bonding on your face, Candace..13 years later and I still love my "Babe" By the way if Jack didn't tell you...make sure you remember to breathe! Have fun, Enjoy...

onlymehere said...

Oh Candace, it's love at first sight for sure! I'm so glad that his worked out for you and that you're loving the machine. It looks like so much fun and with your creativity Vinnie is going to give you pleasure for many years to come (I hope Mr. Squash understands, lol!). Thanks so much for sharing with us. I can hardly wait to see what things you create on it from here on out.

Ruthie said...

Oh, I'm so happy for you. I'm sure you and Vinnie were just made for each other and will share many happy times!.

Stephanie said...

How ya doin' Vinnie? :o) Oh happy day. I'm tickled pink for you, Candace. Looking forward to the results of your play time.

tpott said...

Hooray for you!!! Please keep us up dated. I bought a used hobby quilter & a proflex 10 ft table 4 yrs. ago. I've used it a hand full of times. I do love it. But sometimes if the thread breaks too often or I get loopies on the underside, I just give up. I doesn't happen everytime, thank God! Enjoy!!! I hope you don't give-up as easily as I do.;-) Toni Anne

CJ said...

Happy for you and a wee bit jealous! :0 I know, bad me. But I know you understand that. Must be so exciting to wake each morning and know that Vinnie is ready and waiting for you to put him through his paces. I can't wait to see what the two of you create.

Eileen said...

What a great post and I am thrilled for you. Just know it won't belong till you will be going strong.

I love Vinnie also.

Kathy said...

Woo hoo! You look like a pro already! Congratulations on your purchase - I know you will have many fun hours with Vinnie. If you need quilts to practice on, I can send you some!

*karendianne. said...

Oh Candace, what a real wonderful experience for you. This is opening up a new invigorating creative experience for you. Yippie!

Mary said...

Oooh, Vinnie is one good looking dude and worth his weight in gold and finished quilts!

Anne said...

You look like you've had that machine forever. Can't wait to see what you produce. Vinnie? Darn, I kinda like Gammi! LOL

ferne said...

I am so happy for you! You look so engrossed in the it!

Kim said...

I am so happy for you! Having a dealer come in to set things up and instruction on how to use the frame and machine is a HUGE PLUS! It's going to be fun to see you tackle the practice quilts and then a real quilt top. OMG! Sounds scary, lol. Is Vinnie a mid-arm or long? Looks like a great set-up. :-D

Kaaren said...

Woo hoo, Candace! And welcome, Vinnie!

I'm soooo excited for you and that things worked out as they did. I just know you'll be a whizz at it in no time.

May there be many, many quilts in your future.

pratima said...

Oh, Vinnie, what a cute name! Have a fun time! Looking forward to your beautiful works with Vinnie :)

Barbara said...

Congratulations Candace.....can't wait to see the results of your playtime.

Chris said...

Hooray!!! :-) And it looks like you have the perfect spot for Vinnie. So happy for you! Look out quilting world!

Anonymous said...

I am just tickled to death for you. I bet your shoulders are or were sore today though!--Marla

Karen said...

Welcome Vinnie! That's so awesome, congratulations! You're going to be churning out even MORE beautiful quilts, now!

Carrie P. said...

congrats on finally getting a machine even if it is a Gammill. I hope you and Mr. S. and Vinnie will be very happy together. lol

Shakerwood said...

True love!

cjwalla2 said...

Thanks for letting me do a test run on Vinnie! What a fabulous machine... so easy to use for this newcomer!
Look forward to visiting again soon!

The Quilted Finish ph 02 63310084 said...

You and Vinnie look as though you were made to be together! Lucky you!
Your wonderful quilting journey has begun. Congratulations!

Quiltingranny said...

I am sooooooooooooo jealous! :)
Welcome to Squash House Vinnie, where you will be lovingly cared for!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

You look so cute behind your new Vinnie. Good for you.

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