Friday, October 1, 2010

Potatoes, Pumpkins, iPads and Quilts!

First I have to show you the surprise we found on the front arbor today! H. Bernard, the Clematis, made a late comeback! He was done blooming a couple of months ago and for some reason had to make just one more showing!

And here are three of the "Boys of Autumn"! Aren't they handsome? Each weighs about 15-20 pounds! There are four more larger pumpkins still in the patch that are just beginning to turn color - I sure hope they make it before Halloween or the first frost!
We harvested the Potato Tower today! I'd say this is a pretty good showing for a small tower! Lots of buttery Yukon Golds just waiting for some Fall comfort food dishes!
Before I leave you with some more fantastic quilts from the Portland show, I wanted to mention something about iPads. A while back I had a comment from a new reader who said she loved my photos, but could not read my text - it was "all brown". I had no idea what she meant and she was one of those commenters with no contact info. While we were in Portland, Mr. Squash purchased an iPad. He got on my blog and said to me did I know that my text was unreadable - it was all brown! Well, it immediately clicked that the iPad doesn't seem to want to display all of the colors in my background, rendering the text unreadable. Has anyone else noticed this while surfing blogs on their iPads? I emailed the gals at Cutest Blog on the Block who designed my blog and asked if they knew anything about this. They prompltly replied this was the first they had heard of it, but would look into the matter. I would appreciate anyone who has had this issue leaving me a comment!

Here are some more gorgeous quilts from the Portland show! I am off to appointments in the Big City today, so will respond to your comments later today!


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

The pumpkins are beauties Candace! And thanks for sharing more beauties from the show!
Hmmmm...if they can't read your blog they won't know to leave a comment...

Stephanie said...

Very handsome pumpkins. I love Yukon Golds. You're reaped quite the harvest. GORGEOUS quilts. Love all those sharp points.

Cheryl said...

Oh, clematis are my favorites! And pumpkins! I'm jealous! And thank you for the pictures of the quilts also.

Sharon said...

Great pumpkins, I have 2 ready to pick. Yes, your blog text is in brown and your background is also brown. Just go into the settings and change the font color to black or a darker brown. Easy to do.

Quilt Hollow said...

You raised some beauties!!

When I check your blog on my good old laptop it takes a bit for your brown font to get bright enough for me to read if it is still loading? My husband has an IPAD and if I think about it later I can check that route too.

Donna said...

Beautiful quilts. The blue one - fifth down - is absolutely breath taking! Thanks for sharing.

Anne said...

Your pumpkins are wonderful! I'm jealous.

Nope, I can't read your blog on my iPad.

Mary said...

Your blog is always brown upon opening, but lightens up by the time I scroll down to your post.

QuiltSue said...

Your pumpkins are great and so are the quilts you treated us to today. I think my favourite is the first one, I loved the muted colours in it.

Jackie said...

The pumpkins are gorgeous! Yukon Golds are my favorite potato. Yours look delicious.

I love being inspired at quilt shows. It looks like there was a lot of inspiration at the one you attended.

Carrie P. said...

great harvest of veggies and quilts.

Cyndy said...

Your pumpkins look lovely and potatoes yummy! The quilts are beautiful also... I can read your blog great but I am not on an IPAD..

Karen said...

Beautiful clematis and very lovely pumpkins, Candace!

Rannyjean said...

Candace...I don't use an Ipad and your blog is always brown but I can read it!

Ulla said...

Your pumpkins look good and the potatoes too, very healthy. The quilts are great!

Phyllis in Minnesota said...

I also receive your blog with a brown almost unreadable background and I have a lap top. I have to move my laptop so the light hits it perfectly in order to read it and sometimes that doesn't even help. I do enjoy the pics. even if I can't read the text.

Anonymous said...

I had one clematis bloom this week, too! Fabulous quilts. I think I need to go to that show next year...
Road trip!

Louise said...

Your pumpkins are really lovely. I think the orange this year in them everywhere I look is a good rich color. Yukon golds are my favorites among the potatoes. Thank you for sharing the quilt photos. They are all outstanding!
La Conner had their show this weekend and the theme was applique. Viewed some breathtaking quilts. Have a great fallish week.

Carole said...

Nice pumpkins! I Love pumpkins! You know, the brown issue may be due to the layers that you have. I'm not an Ipad user but when I click (from Reader) to your blog, it was all brown until the final layer downloaded (took a few seconds). I didn't know you could have someone to design a blog for you! I will admit, it does look nice. Thanks for sharing the show! Cheers

pratima said...

The flower is so pretty.. And the pumpkins are beautiful! Nice crop of potatoes too :)
Thank you for the lovely pictures of quilts, Candace!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Love the quilts!

Carol said...

Candace I had a iPod and when I'm using it I have a hard time seeing the words on your blog. Right now I'm using the laptop so I can see the colors just fine.

Cindy said...

Yes, Candace, I've experienced "not being able to read your blog" before. I leave it and come back at another on this particular post of yours. I couldn't read it when you originally posted it so I am back today.

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