Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Before and After!

Last week was another busy one here at the Squash House! The fence was finally finished! - stain and all! You might say this is the final big hurrah around here! So I thought I would take you through a little of the progress. We all love "before and after's", don't we!

The photo below was taken in October of 2009, right after the new maple trees (Red Sunset) were planted. Pretty dismal, huh! The little bit of greenery on the right that is laying on the ground was a huge, old stand of cedar shrubs that had fallen over and gotten pretty messed up in the windstorm that took down the Blue Spruce's, so they have since been removed. You can see the old fence, which was probably installed sometime in the 60's.

Below is one of the new arbors being constructed. Our "crack" team of Ted and Justin, neigbors and builders extraordinaire, designed and built the fence.
This picture is out of order, but did you ever wonder how a fence is painted or stained when there are mature shrubs right next to it? This is how! Oh - and for several days after the stain was applied, the yard smelled like fresh donuts - talk about aroma-therapy!
Here is the finished back portion of the fence before stain was applied. We had to wait quite a few weeks for it to stop raining before the guys could get to work!
And here is is stained and finished at last! I have taken quite a lot of pictures in different light and this is about the best I could do - taken in the early morning with the sun out of the east. Pictures taken later in the day made the fence look really dark! We planted a red and a white eating grape on either side of this arbor - hopefully by next summer both sides will be over the top and producing sweet, yummy fruit!

Now look below and then scroll back to the first photo - what a difference! We love this fence - it really sets off the yard, and when the trees are a bit more mature and we've planted more perennials, who knows - maybe we'll be on the local garden tour ;>)
Here is a view looking toward the west side of the yard - you can see the Asian-inspired top trim a little better.
And here is a current look at our little menagerie of flowers and herbs on the patio! We've had a lot of fun with these - using pots we brought from the old house, some that came with the house and lots and lots of "pony" packs of flowers from the farm store and the farmer's market!!

Mr. Squash and I have had a lot of fun sharing our move to the Squash House as well as updates to the house and yard! We both wanted to thank you for all your encouragement and kind words on all of this! Now on to more fun - quilting, fly fishing, and who knows what else - there is always something interesting happening at the Squash House!


onlymehere said...

Beautiful fence! I even learned a new tip about spraying the fence with mature shrubs! I never would have thought about that. Your yard is just lovely. Hope today finds you out fishing!

Chartreuse Moose said...

Just lovely! Sometimes reno is a rough journey, but when it all comes together...it is truly beautiful...as is your new fence! Oh my, the smell of donuts would have sent me off to the bakery for sure!

Mama Pea said...

Great fence! I love the little railing along the top and the pergola over the gate. Nicely done!

Vintage Sandy said...

Beautiful fence & backyard what a great place to relax & reflect on the day it looks wonderful! Enjoy

Cindy said...

I truly have enjoyed the "show", Candace. You're so sweet in taking the time to take us all along.

What a beautiful setting you have to sit and enjoy.

May your "garden" continue to produce - peace.

Darlene said...

Fabulous! You've both worked very hard - time to play a little. LOL

Linda said...

Wow what a huge difference and such interesting detail on the top trim. Love all your pretty pots. Enjoy your sewing/fishing time.

Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims said...

Your fence is wonderful, amazing the difference it makes. I agree, its so nice to get the summer chores completed so you can get on to some fun activities. It was fun to catch up with you too, have fun fishin.

pratima said...

I love the arbor design and the fence turned out really great! It looks so pleasant and peaceful in the yard. The plants on your patio are so sweet! Thank you for sharing the pictures of your beautiful home and lovely garden :)
Time to enjoy the fruits of your hard work :)

ferne said...

Garden tour...I should say so! Looks great, all of it!

Stephanie said...

Absolutley love the Asian "feel" to the fence and arbor. I can certainly see Squash House being on the garden tour. Your labor of love is quite evident. Donuts...just think, no calories!

AnnieO said...

That is a very attractive fence, I do agree. I like the Asian bent to it very much! Congrats on the accomplishment of your crack team :) Thanks for the tour.

Ulla said...

The new fence and your garden look lovely. It must feel good to see a project finished at last! Now would be a good time to go fishing. I think you deserve it.

Mary said...

Your fence is beautiful! And I love the little arbor. The smell of donuts!! Yum without the calories!

Anonymous said...

Gee I wish I had some after pictures..LOL..looks lovely. All of your hard work is going to pay off and provide you with a beautiful spot to enjoy. Louise

Jackie said...

I can't imagine that you would not be on the garden tour! You have a lovely home and the fence is just gorgeous!

Barb said...

What a lovely yard you have....lots of work too...

Stephanie D. said...

Lovely yard--it looks huge, too. Looks as if it is the width of three houses behind you. That amounts to a lot of lawn to mow, but the grass looks so healthy!

Can't wait to see those maples this fall!

Kaaren said...

I L-O-V-E before and after photos.

You and Bob have shared your journey of buying a house with 'good bones' and it's transformation into a gorgeous home. And I know it must be more lovely in person because most photos don't tell the whole story.

Great job guys...and catch a speckled for me!

Carrie P. said...

What an improvement on the fence. Love the arbor too. You have such a beautiful back yard. I know you will enjoy many seasons in it.

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