Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Giveaway and a Quilt Show!

A while back I mentioned I was going to have a giveaway in exchange for quilt hanging ideas for my Squash House Studio! I'll pick a random commenter to win the goodies pictured below: Jackie Robinson's Ripples quilt pattern and companion Slash and Dash Tool along with Jackie's Binding Miter Tool and instructions, and a fat quarter, scrap friendly Party Crackers quilt pattern by Tracey Brookshier! Please leave me a comment with a suggestion as to how to hang quilts in my studio so that they can be easily rotated! Some of you have already given me great suggestions, but I could use more! Anonymous comments without a means of contact will not be considered, so please make sure if you don't have a blog or website, that you leave an email contact! The winner will be announced just after noon on Saturday.

Life has been very busy around the Squash House these days! So much so that I have not been able to spend much time on the computer other than to keep up with email and make the occasional post! The fence is still a work in progress as is the raised bed project and we think we just might be able to plant this coming weekend! I also attended an all day Embroidery Tips and Techniques class at our local quilt shop on Monday! What a great time we all had! The class was held in one of our many local wineries - it even included wine and cheese tasting in the afternoon!

Last week my friends Carol and Amelia (no blogs) and I attended the Krazy Horse Quilters show in Pendleton, Oregon. It was just the right size - not too large and not too small. The quilts were extraordinary! Here is just a sample of what we saw. Enjoy!

The quilt below was hand-quilted using a variegated brown/tan thread - you might be able to see more by clicking on the photo!

What a great use of Pat Sloan's Arabella line (one of my favorites) below!

We all stared in awe at the quilt below - I believe the note said she used over 150 different Polka dot fabrics in all!

The gorgeous hand quilted sampler below was made by one of our own quilt guild members - a man! He does the most incredible work - you just can't get over how perfect his stitches are!

I hope you enjoyed the show! Don't forget to leave me a comment before noon on Saturday --- ideas on how to hang different size quilts in my studio so they can easily be rotated!


Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Thanks for the show tour, love the polka dot quilt.
I need to do the same thing in my sewing room. Hang quilts...I thought I would run a rod along the top of the wall and use the clips to hang my quilts. Can change them out fast.

AnnieO said...

Thanks for the quilt show--I love to see beautiful work like that.

Hmm, changing quilts. Well, I like a combo of folded quilts and hanging ones so I would like to see a quilt ladder as well as a hanging rod. Wood, for you, since you have a lot of that in the room already. If it is a thin rod, say 1", you can use the rings or slide through a hanging sleeve, depending on the size and weight of the quilt.

free indeed said...

You can use a drying rack to display will hold more than the traditional floor quilt rack. I also found an antique towel dryer that attaches to the wall and has splines that stick out to hang smaller quilts or unfinished tops on.
freeindeed at myfairpoint dot net

Marla said...

My hubby made me quilt hangers that clamp the top of the quilt between two pieces of wood. No need for a hanging sleeve. :) I will send you pics if you would like.

Sharon said...

How about a coat rack, with the big hooks? You can drape several quilts at a time and easily change them out. I saw this in a magazine in an entrance cubby and it looked great. Quilt show photos are fab, LOVE the pineapple / appliqued borders, wow!

Frogdancer said...

I'm from Australia and the first thing I thought of was to get a big clothesline and hang them from that.
Not very practical though....

Jean said...

Hi Candace... I too went to a quilt show and it was so big... I enjoyed all the works of art and the quilts... They were all amazing...I went to Paducah...:)
I had a friend make me a quilt ladder... It is great to display my quilts... :)
Thanks for the offer of the give-a-way.... :)

Kim said...

Love the quilts. Thanks for the tour.
A while back I bought a metal curtain rod that has the clip rings to hang my quilts. You just clip it on and upclip to take off.

Carol said...

I have quilts displayed in several ways around my home. I have a large quilt clipped to rings that pass through a decorative drapery rod, which is easily changed out. I also have a quilt ladder in my sewing studio, holding several quilts and not taking up much space. My husband also made a folding wooden rack that opens out and holds 4 quilts in the rungs on each side. And I also just simply use straight pins to hang to a wall and those show no damage to the wall when changed out. And surprisingly, straight pins will hold fairly large quilts--I have used them up to crib or large wall hanging size. In fact, my large 8' x 8' floor to ceiling design wall is held to the wall all the way around with straight pins. It's gridded flannel covered foam core board from Home Depot. Been there for several years and holding tight!

Anonymous said...

Candace the photos you post of quilts are always so crisp and clear. Love that first quilt. Looks like one of the kit quilts from the 30s perhaps. One of the methods I use is an antique blanket/towel stand. It has two parts that you can spread as wide or narrow as you like. It has at least three horizontal bars on each half. This is where I hang my small quilts which I have enough room to layer and show at least three on each bar. I also like to fold them in halves or thirds (larger quilts here) and layer than staggered at the foot of the guest room twin beds. Folded over the door of a cupboard or folded and layered inside the cupboard on shelves. Hope this helps..Louise

Tudy said...

I hang my small wall quilts using plastic rings sewn on the back that will go over a dowel rod which hangs from a shelf. You can see this in some old posts on my blog. Hope this helps you out.

Linda said...

Gorgeous quilts Candace. I would think it would depend on the size of the quilts you want to display, but here's my suggestions. I love the wire hangers from Ackfields, they work well for the smaller quilts.
For larger quilts I like quilt ladders, and quilt racks, but if I'm hanging a quilt I put a hanging sleeve on the back and use a curtain rod to slip through it.

onlymehere said...

I really like the quilt ladders and I hope to buy one in the next year or two. As far as hanging quilts, I'm looking forward to reading how people tell you to do it bz I don't have any clue! I have a high vaulted ceiling that I could hang one on but I'm not sure how and how I'd ever get up there anyway to hang it! I've heard of sewing drapery rings on the back of the quilt to hang them on nails but that seems like a lot more work and maybe you wouldn't rotate them as much. I hope you find a quick and easy solution! Cindy

SoozeM said...

Hi! I like the professional picture hanging systems (lite this -, they are a rail with a flat front and clear nylon runners hang down from it, you can slide them along to where you want, and they have adjustable hooks that you can set to any height. Then you just put a rod through your hanging sleeves, eye hooks on the ends to go on the runners and off you go!

Quilt Hollow said...

In my quilt room I have a wall above the stairs. From the stairs it is a hassle to reach but from the upper level I can reach the decorative curtain rod so I'm able to change out quilts that are clipped on rings on the rod. For small little quilts if you don't want to make a sleeve use sequin pins! They are so tiny and thin that they hardly leave a mark in the walls or the quilt. I stick them between the binding seam so they are hidden when tapped into the wall. Now if you come to my home you would find my quilts hanging on antique ladders, rakes and saws. I've got them drapped on tucked in baskets and hanging over doors. Endless you'll find some fun ways to share with us too!

Carol in E TN said...

My favorite way is to use curtain rods with the clips that fit on the rod. Also, I have an old ladder that I painted white and like to hang quilts on that. Thanks for a great giveaway.

Sequana said...

I live in an old building that has those pieces of wood right under the ceiling; there are inexpensive hangers to use with those. The hangers slide right into the space on top the (whatever that is called) and I run some heavy twine thru the sleeve of the quilt to hang them from the hooks.

For little quilts, I use a couple of safety pins in the backing and hang them on regular picture hooks.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Great quilts at the show!
I put the same size hidden sleeve on the back of all quilts that a 48" dowel with eye screws can slide through. Then I have tea cup hooks on the wall. Everything for hanging is hidden. If the quilt is wider than 50", I use a fine short needle on both outside corners. Needles are very strong, no not leave a mark in the quilt and barely a mark in the wall. Good luck with your quilt hanging.

Shasta said...

Thanks for sharing the quilt show pictures. I really enjoyed seeing them. I use curtain rods with the clippy things. And a quilt rack. You could use a ladder as a quilt rack. One thing I thought about doing and haven't implemented, is putting corkboard up on one wall, and just pinning little quilts in place.

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