Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Vegetable Garden Report Week 3

I'm so glad you all liked my previous post on finishing your binding. I'm also happy to see that most of you who commented already use this method! I might just try my hand at more tutorials in the future!

Before I get to the garden report, I forgot to include the photo below in my last post. We waited for this primitive welcome flag for over a month and were so happy to see it arrive last week! Click on the photo for a better view. The Squash House now considers itself officially christened!

Unlike the photo above which was taken on a beautiful, sunny day, my garden photos of yesterday were taken in a monsoon! Except for a little while in the morning, it rained heavily all day! Apparently this is very unusual for this time of year in our neck of the woods. They say it normally turns very hot right after the Hot Air Balloon Stampede! Not so now. I had to hold the umbrella in one hand so as not to get the camera wet! Below is a view of the raised bed area - a good deal of growth since last week - there are even teeny, tiny peppers beginning to show, and the Marigolds have really taken off!
We decided to plant a cantaloupe or two on a whim. A city a bit south and west of us in Oregon, Hermiston, is known for its cantaloupes, so we thought we'd give them a try here.
The plants below on either side of the drip line are 3 varieties of Eggplant. Another whim planted recently. As soon as they were planted, one of the neighborhood squirrels came over for a look - Mr. Squash decided to name him Parmesan! On the right of the eggplant are sunflowers - not yet appearing above ground, and the dark colored thing in the back of the photo is the potato tower - Yukon Gold potatoes doing quite nicely so far!

Finally, here is the very sad pumpkin, zucchini, pickling cuke area. Not a lot of growth going on here - not sure why as they get lots of sunshine, but I'm hoping they will surprise us as the weather gets warmer.

Thanks for stopping by! I've cleared my sewing workspace and brought back an "old friend" to try and finish. Stay tuned for peeks.


Stephanie said...

Wow you'll be able to put a fresh produce stand out front with all the goodies you're growing. This is going to be such fun watching the progress--best part will be seeing all the mature veggies.

ferne said...

Everything is in such nice straight rows, must have been planted by a quilter. Your squash looks like ours, our cucumbers are still in the greenhouse. We had snow in upper Shingletown yesterday, luckily we are in lower Shingletown, but it is still cold and wet here. Someone suggested doing a bikini dance might change the weather, worth a try!

Quilt Hollow said...

If I knew I could still get them fresh...I'd have you ship to me!!

Cindy said...

LOL, Candace your last statement has me LOL.

Let's see - what old friend do I wnat to finish (off)? LOL I literally am sitting here laughing out loud thinking what person was cruel to me.... I guess I'm just cut from a different to speak.

But, seriously, I look forward to a little sneak peak soon.

Please forgive my warped sense of humor.

Linda B said...

You should do well with the cantaloupe if the rains ever go away. And eggplant? I think you have planted enough for the Market!! Woweee. What fun. I haven't even tilled up my silo pit garden for the pumpkins, cukes and sunflowers. Maybe next week.

AnnieO said...

The photos look great with the rain making the ground rich and dark. The little green shoots look especially vibrant! You'll be so busy eating all this yummy fresh food very soon it seems.

Louise said...

I cannot believe how much your little garden has progressed. Speaking of weather I had to turn on the heater this afternoon..not a happy camper at this point..what is going on for goodness sakes. If you see any please send sunshine our way...please. Louise

Stephanie D. said...

It's really growing! I started my sunflowers in pots and they're about a foot tall right now--guess it's time to transplant them. But where? I didn't think this through very well. lol

Jackie said...

I showed your pictures to Greg and told him that I'd like to have one. So far, no enthusiasm. It will be fun watching your garden grow.

Sharon said...

Great gardens. I haven't planted anything but flowers yet, Hermiston is also known for Watermelons, some of the best come from that area.

Cris A said...

Hi Candace! Ijust stumbled across your blog from another blo and just fell in love with your garden! That's exactly what I want to do in my yard! Can you tell me where you got the corners to your beds? Oh, youre quilting is awesome too I just had time to read all the gardening stuff today :)

pratima said...

Candace, the marigolds are looking so gorgeous lined in front of the vegetable beds. What a cute name for the Squirrel :) I hope you get a nice crop of eggplants and all the wonderful veggies. It's going to be heavenly to pick fresh produce from your home grown garden every day and cook with them!

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