Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Vegetable Garden Report Week 2

I've decided to post a Friday garden update each week. I thought I would call this post "Week 2" as I previously posted about the raised beds being planted. This garden is becoming such a joy for me! I can't wait to get up in the morning and do my walk around to see how things are doing! Since the yard is so large, it won't be completely planted this year, but that's OK. A little at a time is just fine with Mr. Squash and I!

Below is the entire raised bed area. Since the last photo, I've added some more Marigolds to the right of the tomatoes. Pratima mentioned in an email that "Marigolds are very auspicious in India and they are a huge part of the fesitivities." They are most certainly one of Mr. Squash's favorite flowers!

On this post I'll label what's what since everything is still so small. Here are the tomatoes. Another one mysteriously appeared since the last post! I just couldn't resist "Chocolate Cherry Tomato"!!

This is the sugar snap pea and bean bed. I poked a mild chili pepper in just for fun! You may not be able to see, but all the seeds in all the beds have germinated! Click on any of the photos to enlarge. I place a bird netting over all the beds when I plant to deter cats from using the area as a litter box! As the seeds germinate, I cut away the netting over the seeds, then remove it completely as the plants begin to mature.
In this bed we have a row of Red Sails lettuce starts. Where it says carrots under the lettuce is actually radishes! I am having so much trouble with the internet lately that I gave up trying to post the corrected photo! Under the radishes are 2 rows each of green onions, Baltimore carrots and Nantes carrots.
This is my lettuce "factory"! There are 7 different varieties including romaines, butter, leaf, Mesculun mix and other mixes. I like to harvest and clean the lettuce, then tear it up and make mixed bags! To the right of this bed are dwarf nasturtiums and purple, sweet bell peppers. For those of you who don't already know - nasturtium flowers can be used in salads! They add color and a bit of a peppery flavor!
On the other side of the yard are pickling cucumbers, zucchini and pumpkins! The ladders will allow the cucumbers and zucchini to grow up and over and give the pumpkins more ground space! The cucumbers have that milk carton over them to help the seeds germinate a tad faster.
Our fence if finally almost finished! All it needs is to be stained which will hopefully happen this weekend. We've had some wild weather the past few days - thunder, wind, rain and hail - so we're keeping our fingers crossed that the weekend weather is better! The large arbor in this photo will have a green and red eating grape growing up each side!
Here is the smaller arbor that was built over the exisiting fence in front. This is a small section of fence that we decided not to replace as it was fairly new when we bought the house. Although it's different from the main fence, you only see this from the front, so we aren't worried about contrast - and I really like it! I purchased a white Clematis to grown up and over this arbor - just waiting for paint.
So there you have it for now. It will be fun to see how much growth we get by next Friday!


Barb said...

What a wonderful garden, it looks awesome...but lots of work.

Ulla said...

It all grows so fast in your garden! We are still waiting for th ground to warm up for planting anything.

Coloradolady said...

What amazing beds you have, Everything looks great! I agree, a lot of work, I have a really small garden, and it is work even though it is small. Yours is wonderful

Quilt Hollow said...

Your garden is wonderful! You will be feeding the neighbors with all those yummies!!

Stephanie said...

I can certainly see why you can't wait to get in your yard. Beautiful. Marigolds also help repel insects from your veggie plants. I love planting at least one interesting tomato. This year it's a black Japanese heirloom tomato.

Stephanie D. said...

Lovely yard--I'm so jealous of your grass! My attempts at a garden last year were so pathetic, I decided to wait a while before trying again.

No wonder you're anxious to get out there every day and see the changes. I like the Garden Friday idea!

Shakerwood said...

Everything looks like it has a good start! I'm sure everything will turn out just great with all that prep work.

Kaaren said...

Awesome, Candace! I'm looking forward to your Friday reports.

Mary said...

I am impressed and in awe!! Nothing more to say!

Catsngrams said...

What a beautiful yard and garden you have. I know how much work it takes to get it looking so beautiful. You are one hard worker. Thanks for sharing I love looking at others yards and gardens.

sewtakeahike said...

oh my goodness gracious Candace! Things are coming right along at your new place! I love your yard and the layout for your garden is just fabulous. I can definitely tell it brings you a lot of joy, because it did for me too, just reading about it!

*karendianne. said...

Holy Garden Beds Batman! You rock.

Jackie said...

My mouth is already watering! It is a gorgeous garden and I'm looking forward to seeing your harvests. Too bad we don't live closer - I'd be stopping by for lunch! :)

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