Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Phyllis Diller Mopped My Kitchen Floor!

She sure did --- in my dreams last night! And not only that - but I also went camping with Fred McMurray! I watched a little TV in bed last night - Antiques Roadshow FYI. They had a segment about Debbie Reynold's son, Todd Fisher, who heads her archives of vintage Hollywood costumes. It was fascinating to see what she has collected and preserved over the years - right down to a pair of Dorothy's Ruby Red Slippers from the Wizard of Oz! Now there were no costumes shown of Phyliss or Fred's - they weren't even mentioned, but that's just how crazy my life is lately!

We are suddenly getting more showings of our house! We had one Monday and have another one tonight at 5:00. A total of four people contacted our realtor over the weekend, so there are two more to go! It's exciting, but very emotional waiting to hear if anyone will make an offer. And unfortunately, this means I can't spend any time in my studio on current projects, so I still have nothing to show you. But you don't mind as long as we're getting our house shown, do you?

I also want to help spread the word that Amy of Park City Girl is having another Bloggers Quilt Festival! If you participated in the last festival as I did, you know how much fun it is! If you haven't been over to visit Amy, please do!

I'm still trying to catch up with blog reading - it's been pretty busy at work this week. The good news is that my new monitor is scheduled to arrive today! I'll be setting it up later this evening after the showing, so I won't be participating in this week's Vintage Thingie Thursday. If you get a chance, though, please visit Suzanne at Colorado Lady tomorrow for all the great VTT posts!


Stephanie said...

Does it get any crazier than Phyllis? I keep the good house sale vibes on 24/7!

Linda B said...

I think those dreams are a sign of your creative frustrations! AND, having to keep the house spic and span at all times. I am cracking up, so thanks for the belly laugh. Good thoughts your way on the house sale. I'll be in touch.

Quilt Hollow said...

Fingers are offer to come!!

CJ said...

Too funny on the celebrity dreams! No explaining what goes on in dreamland. LOL! Great news on the house showings!! For all those that don't buy send them over to my place please. :D

Carrie P. said...

Some crazy dreams.
So glad to hear "they" are coming to look. Hope one is a buyer.

Libby said...

Oh Phyliss - I love her.

I have to be careful about falling asleep in front of the tv. Whatever is on gets incorporated into my dreams . . . . I can never watch something scary *s*

Kaaren said...

Your post title sure got my attention, Candace. Just make sure she's not around for the showings. She prided herself on never the domestic type.

Good luck with the showing tonight.

Kay said...

Oh, good luck! I can't work either because I'm staying with my mother for a week. Isn't it frustrating?

Ulla said...

Good luck with the showings, I hope there will be competitive offers and a happy end.

Mary said...

Now that was a good title. You sure roped me in! Congrats on your house showings. It's getting so close to the deadline for the big government rebate that your time to sell has finally come. My fingers are crossed for you.

pratima said...

Good luck with the offers, Candace.
It is so unsettling just to wait and see.
Blogger's quilt festival sounds so much fun. I'll look forward to everyone's favorite quilts.

Melanie said...

Wonderful news with the house sale. I hope the offers pour in. Isn't it awful to have to keep tidy and "on show"?

LOL I think your dreams are a riot.

Trisha said...

Oh my gosh, Candace, you are too funny!

Good luck with the house showings.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

You are funny. Poor Phyllis looked old before her time and then got all that plastic surgery so she didn't look like Phyllis anymore. Which is worse? I think not looking like Phyllis anymore was worse. Kinda like Joan Rivers. Hot mess, as they say in Hollywood.

*karendianne. said...

This was hilarious. I read it yesterday but didn't get my comment down. It's neat to read about the vintage costumes you were able to see the other night. Those Ruby Red Slippers still hold magic in them for me somehow. Childhood magic.

How's Sophia holding up to the high traffic?

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Candace, did you eat any fish that had lead in it to have those funny dreams?
Hope you sale your house.
Keep Stitchen'

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