Tuesday, June 30, 2009


We arrived at the Squash House on Sunday afternoon to find we now have a new sidewalk in addition to the driveway (oh, excuse me, I mean Mr. Squash's beach)! We saw Ted, our contractor, briefly and he explained they would be working on the approach and street section Monday readying the forms, then pouring again on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Ted and his son Justin were out early yesterday morning along with their Australian Shepherd, Pepper. We've fallen in love with her! She comes over every day with her frisbee - ready for a few tosses and of course some loving! She's so sweet and gentle. We think this is the dog for us when we move over here permanently. Ted says she likes to fish with him and is a wonderful companion!

Below is what the guys were doing yesterday. Look at Pepper following Ted with her frisbee!
Here are Justin and Ted this morning as the concrete truck begins to churn out the street portion. Pepper is ever at the ready! You can't see it, but her frisbee is in front of her! By the way, Justin (on the left) is Ted's son. They work together - something you don't see much of these days!
Yesterday I worked like the dickens in my garden! I think I should re-name my blog Squash House Gardening! Our yard is nearly 1/3 acre and its all landscaped! This has been my dream - and I can't wait to move here so I can plant perennials, annuals, veggies and just plain putter around in the gorgeous weather! I was so tired last night that I could barely move, but it was a good tired and I'm ready for more today! Tomorrow we plan a day of fly fishing - and a well deserved rest!


Purple and Paisley said...

yayy for you getting things accomplished and having fun! a good dog is a treasure...i will be lost when my rusty is gone...enjoy your working vacation! ☺

Sherri said...

Hope you enjoy your day today!

Libby said...

Aussies are great! My sweet Harper is Aussie/Golden Retriever mix - a wonderful blend *s* This does make her slightly confused when it comes to things like fetching games. She gladly goes after then item but just can't manage to bring it back. She likes to 'herd' all of her things into one spot. It's the funniest thing to watch *s*

Kaaren said...

Aren't animals the best?

Have fun fishing!

Donnelly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Donnelly said...

I deleted my first post as I had mispelled some words. Our Trinity is an Aussie/Pitbull cross that we rescued 5 years ago. She is super smart, very devoted and silly. We love her. Our daughter and son-in-law just lost their Aussie. Turf was over 17 years old! We all loved her and miss her. Aussies are awesome dogs! Have a great day.

*karendianne. said...

Oh you know I'm "all in" for the Aussie's.

Sagan & Duke Love, *karendianne.

(ps: I'm so happy you're enjoying the garden. I'd love to see titles such as "A Day in the Squash House Garden.")

So happy for y'all

Anne said...

Your blog design looks great. Sounds like you're having fun relaxing at your home away from home.

Kim said...

Very exciting to think of a new pup for the Squash house. Pepper reminds me of Lucy. Always there helping out!

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Hi Candace, have a great day fly fishing and your house is coming along beautifully.
I'm not sure I'll make a pattern on this one, I have to rethink on how it will go together next time.
Keep Stitchen'

Ulla said...

I'm so glad Pepper didn't leave her frisbee under the concrete! I hope you are having a lovely fly fishing day.

Stephanie D. said...

Now, when you get going on that garden of yours, we want to see pictures! Especially so I can copy what you're doing! lol I just love looking at other people's yards!

Jackie said...

I had an Australian shepherd years and years ago. He was so good with my kids who were young at the time. I'd own another one in a second!

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