Thursday, June 11, 2009

Final Pattern Giveaway

I decided to combine the last two pattern giveaways. A small rant here - unfortunately, many of you left comments on the last two posts as "noreply-comment". This gives me no way to contact the winners or at very best I consume an incredible amount of time trying to track them down. So I'm going to go back to a more traditional giveaway for the last 6 patterns.

The 6 patterns below will all be given to one lucky winner! All you need to do is answer this question: "What is your favorite type of quilt to make?" I'll pick the winner on Sunday, June 14th.

Sorry for the poor picture quality - photographing patterns in plastic sleeves isn't easy! They are from left to right and top to bottom:

Flying South by Judy Niemeyer all paper pieces included - 51" x 71"

Quilted Jacket by Homestead Specialties

Flannel Flinders, Too by Pine Tree Lodge Designs sizes are given for 36 x 51, 51 x 66, and 66 x 81

Modern Poet jacket/blouse - sizes XS-5XL

Seaside Lighthouse 12.5 x 23.5 by Kim Halvorson - foundations included

Snowman Quilt by Pat Welsh from the Stitchin' Post 40 x 52.

You can probably tell from what I've given away that I'm not a paper piecer. At one point I thought I would, but decided it just wasn't for me. I also thought at one time I would get back to making a lot of my own clothes. Well, I decided that wasn't for me either - I much prefer spending my sewing time quilting!

Good luck in the drawing!


Sandy said...

Applique and I have recently tried paper piecing and really enjoyed it.There just isn't enough hours in the day.
Thanks for a great give away!

onlymehere said...

My favorite kind of quilt to make is anything with stars. I just love doing stars, I don't know why! I also took a class to learn a quilt called "Black Eyed Susan" that has the flowers appliqued on. I learned to do applique on this quilt and I absolutely love the quilt. I gave the quilt to my future DIL for Christmas and can hardly wait to have enough time to do another one for me!! Sign me up for the give-away!!

Rannyjean said...

Each time I make one, I say it is my favorite, but looking at what I make, I would say the Sunbonnet Sue and Sams!

House of Mouse said...

My favorite type of quilt to make, is anything easy and quick. I am a simple quilter...I don't do any of the fancy quilting...stars, triangles, or any complicated piecing. I just do simple quilts that I can incorporate my machine embroidery into and finish quickly. I love to give my quilts away, and I hope that the recipients love them as much as I loved making it for them.


Ulla said...

My favourite quilt is one that uses recycled fabrics. A quilt that is interesting enough to be finished, too. Nothing too demanding, nothing too boring.

Sue Cahill said...

I love to hand piece traditional quilts, minatures and mini quilts. I love to add applique to piecing and som fun buttons!

Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

free indeed said...

My favorite quilts are scrap quilts. I just love to use up everylast bit of stuff and I can't bear to throw away bits and pieces. My bin is getting deeper and I really need to pick out a pattern and just make blocks in between other projects. I'm in a monthly block lotto and my intent when joining that was to use up the scrap bin. It's been very fun and I've won the blocks 3 times! But I told myself I was joining whether I win or not just to use up scraps and the wins are a bonus! I have a girlfriend who I taught to quilt last winter. We haven't met since March, but once we are both caught up with personal home matters we will begin again. I'll probably share these patterns with her as her finances are tighter than mine. Thanks for all your inspiration through eyecandy!

SewCalGal said...

Pick a favorite type of quilt? That is like asking me which is my favorite candy inside of a large candy store.

Hymm. I love Hawaiian quilting, I love to hand piece, machine piece, paper piece, English paper piece, strip piece, and all forms of applique.

Can I say my favorite form of quilting is making charity quilts?

Rhonda P. said...

Love paper piecing myself but I know some just don't go for it. Love your blog!

Kigwit said...

I'm a fairly new quilter so I guess my favorite is the wall hanging quilts I've been doing for holidays. Nothing too fancy as I dont have much time with the sewing machine with two little boys-but I hope to do more!

Marla said...

I would love my name in your basket if possible! Always love coming to visit you. I love all kinds of patterns. Only wish I had more time and energy to do them!-

Gale's Goodies said...

My favorite kind of quilt to make so far is Chinese Coins. I love to use charm packs and this pattern appeals to me because I am not good yet at cutting complicated shapes. I am off work all summer and have been sewing some each day! Thanks for the chance to win your giveaway!

Barb said...

Hi: I love paper-piecing and applique. Most recently I have been piecing using a studio "Go" cutter. Boy do I love the 100% accurate cut on every piece--I think that I may go back to loving regular piecing! I have made two of those quilts and love them both!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

I do paper piecing if it is a quilt that I like, but not exclusively. Great group of patterns.

Donna in NE La. said...

I love to make traditional pieced quilts in bright colors. The brighter the better!! Thanks for the great giveaway! kdmaine 38 at comcast dot net

Renee G said...

I love working on my paper piecing / grandmother's flower garden quilt. (Not that I have it done yet.:))


Melanie said...

Hia Candace, I'm finally catching up here. Ooo fav quilt.... got to be where I cut pieces to make a background and then applique pieces on top of them to make a picture. In short a bit of all sorts so I don't get bored. LOL

Cupcakes anyone? said...

I love your blog.. I have not yet made a quilt..i will be starting my course in the fall..and have been following blogs for inspiration..

Therefore I don't have a favorite quilt..but I would say "Any quilt that is started with a smile, purpose and love in your heart" would be my favorite.

Debora, Ottawa Canada

Barbara said...

I don't really have a favorite kind of quilt....although I don't do a lot of applique. I do like to create my own......alot depends on the fabrics. I know that this doesn't make alot of sense but I really enjoy the creative process and handquilting.

Orcsmom said...

Applique and "Stack and Wack", you never know what you'll get!


ewespecial said...

I just discovered your site today (Sat, June 13). What a great site!
I love to make all types of quilts. The favorite one is the one I give away, either to family or charity it doesn't matter, each one holds a special place in my heart.

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