Sunday, May 31, 2009

Anatomy of a Fly Fishing Vest

Yesterday we got out our fishing gear to prepare for fishing season which opens on June 6th. This is a ritual that happens every year in the Squash House. We make sure we have enough flies - both dry and wet - sunscreen - and all of the other essentials that we carry around in our vests. Below is my vest. I love it - there are tons of pockets that you can see and can't see, it's made mostly of a lightweight mesh that breathes - this is extremely important when you're on the river all day with no breeze and temps in the 80's. Click on the picture for more detail.

Below is my fanny pack, which I also love, made by Fishpond. It took going through many, many packs before I found one that fit this well on my frame. It has several compartments as well as two side compartments for water bottles - another essential for being on the river all day.

There are a few things in the above phote (click to make larger) that you may question! What's a Spork, you say? Well, it's a very clever combination of a fork, spoon and knife! Depending on what you pack for your lunch, it can come in very handy! My lunch is usually a yogurt, some fresh cut fruit and an energy bar. The felt sole boots are very important for wading streams - it can be very slippery under the surface and the felt is amazing at keeping you stable (most of the time). And you're probably also asking what is a neck buddy? It's a neck scarf filled with little expandable beads. You soak it for about 30 minutes during which time it puffs up, then you wrap it around your neck for the ultimate cooling experience - they can last all day on the river!

Next is this plastic bag (which we continually re-use) filled with towels to wipe our feet after we come out of the river, and an extra bag for our wet and sometimes muddy boots.

Finally, we have our tote. We came up with this idea a few years ago after getting frustrated filling up the rear of the car with our fishing gear and keeping it neat and tidy. What you're looking at below is the stuff in the bottom of the tote. On top goes our fanny packs, fishing boots, and the bag of towels. The only things that don't fit inside are our vests, which we hang in the back seat and our fly rods! We keep the tote filled and ready to go at all times!

Later this morning we're headed up past Mt. Pilchuck on the Mountain Loop Highway to check out our fishing holes. We'll take a picnic lunch, some sand chairs and books and soak up some well deserved sunshine! More on that tomorrow!


Ulla said...

How nice! I called Mr. K to come and see your gear. He says you sound like you know what you are doing! His fly fishing west is tailored by me for his boxes and tools.

Anne said...

I'm glad to see that your hair is taken care of! LOL

Orcsmom said...

Looks like you and Mr. Squash are ready to hi the streams and river. Here's wishing you both a very successful flyfishing season! I am there in spirit and jealousy!


Mel said...

That neck buddy seem like a good idea for when I'm gardening!!

Have fun tomorrow and good luck this fishing season!!

Kaaren said...

Isn't it exciting to get your gear ready so you're all set to go? Sounds like you both can't wait.

Do you catch and release or do you keep some for eating as well?

Nadine said...

Your organization looks fantastic and well thought out. Do you have a check off list to share? I loved the "tote" idea....just "grab & go". LOVE IT! I'd also have to throw in a little hand stitching for the times I limit out before Papa Toad does!

Libby said...

It must be so exciting to get your gear out in anticipation of your first outing *s* Is there a pocket in that vest for a camera? We're gonna want to see pictures *s8

Jackie said...

Looks like you're totally ready to go...You just need June 6th to get here!

By the way, Miss Sophie is a beauty!

Karen said...

I am curious to know what constitutes the "first day of the season." Can't you fish all year round?

Carrie P. said...

Well, you are all ready to catch lots of fish. Hope you do.
Interesting gear for fly fishing. Those shoes fascinate me. That is amazing that the felt will help you to not slip.

Purple and Paisley said...

i am behind in leaving a comment - kinda hard to type with a crochet hook in my hand! lol...

this post is fascinating and makes me want to take up the scenery in your other post pics is absolutely gorgeous!

p.s. great job on labelling your pics! ☺

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