Monday, February 2, 2009

You Can Do It All!

The weekends seem to race by since I’ve been working to get our home ready to sell! I can’t believe what I accomplished this weekend! Saturday was spent redecorating two of our bathrooms. I went to the mall and found some great deals on towels, etc for both rooms. It’s strange, though, to see them decked out in such “real-estate neutral” colors after removing the previous bright colors and decorations. I have a TV in the computer in my studio and frequently listen to HGTV programs while I’m in there. Sunday while sorting and packing more boxes of fabric, patterns, books and notions (do I really have that much stuff?), I heard a remark on one of those shows that made a lot of sense…“Once you put your home on the market, it no longer belongs to you, it belongs to the buyer”. Well, potential buyers - I’m working really hard to make this the home you seek”!!

In my previous post I mentioned that Mr. Squash really wanted me to try to make time for a little quilting this weekend. Yes - I did it all! Late Sunday afternoon I made time to put together another Winter Wonderland block. This one is called Cut the Corners. I made the 12” block and will also need to make a 9 and 6 inch block in different fabrics. One block isn’t much, but it makes me feel good to know I haven’t completely abandoned this project and I'm able to satisfy some of my need to create!

I’m also working on a large embroidery project in the evenings. It’s still too early to show it to you, but hopefully it will be done by week’s end - at least enough to have a peek!

I can hardly believe that I am coming up on my 100th post! I’ll be having a small celebration giveaway on that post, so stay tuned!


onlymehere said...

I just recently found your blog and I'm loving it! I have a private blog but am working on a sewing one that will be public. I love the block you did! I too love to quilt and I've only been doing it a couple of years so its really fun for me to find other blogs that I can learn from!

Libby said...

I dread the time when we will have to put our home on the market . . . a good 10 years from now. Maybe I should start clearing out closets now *s*
Love your block - that is the same block I used for my 'Fever' quilt. All those triangles can get hectic, but the end result is well worth it.

Carrie P. said...

Yay!! you got work on your quilt.
Isn't that wierd how when you get your house ready to sell it begins not to feel like your home anymore.
Anymore earthquakes?

CJ said...

Selling your house is the pits for sure... be careful of HGTV... heck sometimes I think THEY are the ones that got everyone thinking they could make a million on their house! LOL

The block is lovely, glad you had some time to stitch it up!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

OK that by far is my FAVORITE, just love it!!!!

Des said...

Good gravy! You're productive! Good luck on the house, the embroidery, (can't wait to see that!) and let's not forget, the new towels.

Jackie said...

I love the red against the crisp white! Gorgeous!

You've had a major revelation about selling your house! Great job! Sounds like you're doing all the right things to get it to sell quickly!

Christine said...

That is a lovely block. Red and white are a favourite of mine.

Trisha said...

I never tire of red and white blocks. They are so striking.

I really hope the sale of your home goes well!

RachelJane said...

I sympathize with you, having to do all that work to make your house ready to sell. Last time we moved (3 1/2 years ago), I said it was the last time! At least until we retire. We always seem to put a lot of work into fixing up the house just so we can sell it. I think we should make the house nice while we're still living in it!

Love your red and white blocks. That's going to be one beautiful quilt!

(and the word verification below says "redder" - how coincidental)

Darlene said...

A busy week end but I'm really glad you found time to sew a bit. Keeps the heart smiling! :-)

Lisa D. said...

What a great block! I can't wait to see your embroidery project!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Good luck with your house. I hope it sells very quick for you. I've got to do some more packing around here myself.

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