Monday, December 22, 2008

All that Work for Nothing!

In yesterday’s post you saw how hard Mr. Squash and our neighbor worked to dig us out from the previous night’s blizzard. Well, this morning, you would barely know they did anything! We got another 6-8” in our area last night and more is predicted! This morning’s weather predictor said the record for snowfall was 57 inches in the month and year I was born - we aren’t even close to that, but it sure feels like it!

I dropped Mr. Squash off at work this morning, then came to my office. Only two of us in the entire building have shown up this morning - probably because we both have 4WD vehicles! Here we are parked catywampus outside the front door. When I was taking this picture, my feet were so deep in the snow I couldn’t even see them!
I’ll try not to post too many more snow pictures this week, but I can’t help myself - it is kind of fun if you don’t have to venture too far from home!

I finished two more blocks yesterday, but forgot to take a picture of the second one. I hope to get off early today, and the rest of the day will be spent filling up the bird and squirrel feeders, and perhaps making a batch of cookies or two. I was inspired by this comment from Ranny over at Quilting Ranny on yesterday’s post: "Church was canceled, so we made 8 loaves of pumpkin bread, 100 sugar cookies & frosted them, no bake cookies and peanut butter fingers. Tomorrow I will make fudge and we will pass out goodies to our neighbors! " I may not be quite as ambitious as Ranny, but baking cookies sounds like fun in this weather, and Mr. Squash won't mind one bit!


Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

and I thought here in IL we got a lot of snow, oh boy!! Happy Holidays!

Des said...

Same thing happened to us only it took about 20 minutes for all of our hard work to go out the window. The wind is what kills us around here. It blows and drifts into mountains right around our cars and all over the driveway. It's a crazy year, that's for sure.

All of your blocks are soooo beautiful!

CJ said...

You can send some of your snow to ME! I'd love some!

The block is gorgeous. That is going to be a spectacular quilt!

Rainma said...

Thanks for making me smile and I hope you make the cookies.

Carrie P. said...

I really like your BOM. And I like snow pictures too since I am not getting any.
Have a Very Merry Christmas.

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