Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tickled Pink!

My friend Karen over at Short Story Long sent me a thank-you for being the winner of my first give-away. I have to tell you I was blown away! This is a picture of just a few of them - she made these herself - what a talented woman you are, Karen! Not only do I love anything to do with fly-fishing (I even have a half bath in my house dedicated to nothing but), I was completely out of note-cards, so these could not have come at a more appropriate time! Thank you, Karen, you are so sweet and thoughtful! If you pop over to Karen’s blog, please wish her well - she is going to have a tough few days ahead.

Tomorrow I’m taking the day off work to attend the 19th annual Fall Craft & Antique Show in Lynden, Washington. Lynden is a small dairy farming community near the Canadian border. My friend Linda over at Fiber Fabrications will have an exhibit in the show of her fiber art and spinning. Linda raises Alpacas at Lost River Alpacas in Nooksack. I’ll get to sit with her, have a great catch-up chat, shop and hopefully come home with lots of goodies and some great pictures to show you over the weekend.

By the way, for you Meg Hawkey fans, she has a new look on her website at Crabapple Hill Studio and also a new blog, Knot-y Girls Stitchery Club. Pop on over for a visit! Turns out the quilt blogging community can be a very small world - one of Meg's associates is in the same quilting group with someone my husband and I know and like very much!