Thursday, September 25, 2008

Confession for a Day

Actually, I would really like to be Queen for a Day (Elizabeth, that is. Imagine roaming the halls of Buckingham Palace for an entire day!), but I would settle for being a Celebrity Stunt Quilter!

Many of you know who I’m referring to, and Pam if you by any chance read this, I am so envious of what you get to do! Actually, Pam is now a celebrity in her own right! One wonders how one comes by such a position (that’s my “queenly” talk). Perhaps it’s the good fortune to know a celebrity quilter, or maybe you just put yourself out there? Unfortunately, our new home will be far from any celebrity quilters, so my chances of reaching fame by living near one are slim to none. However, if any of you celebrity quilters out there are looking for a stunt quilter, let me tell you I am very precise in my work - my rotary cutter is always sharp, got to have that scant ¼” seam, I match all of my corners and points and work really hard to square up my quilts before I bind them. And the best part is - I’ll work for fabric and notions!



PamKittyMorning said...

Oh Candace you crack me up! Believe me, it was all purely location and luck!

happy zombie said...

I love that PKM and QE are sharing a blog post, Candace!

Though I will disagree with Pam on it being location and luck... it's because Pam's got major skills and talent!

Candace said...

Oh, right-o Elizabeth!